The Future Of Shaving – Phillips One Blade!


Are you a bearded man who needs help in sculpting that PERFECTLY shaped beard? Need help trimming down that monster beard? Well Philips have got just the tool for you….

Throughout history the fully grown beard was seen as a staple of masculinity and power. Many famous men have had beards, Emperor Hadrian sported a beard much like our own and started a trend for many Emperor’s after him, Francis Drake boasted at how he had singed the King Of Spain’s beard. Then came the 20th Century and the fresh faced look (aka like a baby) became a dominant tone. Then came the tools to sculpt the cleaner look, and the male grooming market boomed, and now we have the popularity of the beard and most famously the “Hipster Beard” and grooming tools for hipsters and those wanting a cleaner look started to look a little stale.

Until now! The Philips One Blade, a tool that even Thor himself would be jealous of, is not a shaver or a trimmer – its just a blade. One Blade. (Which can be used either for a wet or dry shave) Giving the ease of use and functionality that no other blade gives in being able to achieve a wide variety of facial hair styles, be that a rough and ready stubble look or the longer bearded men among us the Philips One Blade can help with that. All by combining rotary shaver and the regular trimmers in one tool no man shall have any excuse for a poorly tamed beard.

Crazy VR Tech!

Credit: Nokia

Credit: Nokia

Remember Nokia, the BIG, well used to be BIG, like HUGE, mobile phone manufacturer, well they arent dead and buried yet. They are BACK in the form of VR cameras!

VR is blowing up! Nokia is happy to help you ride the new wave that is VR, with Nokia creating a VR Broadcasting option for its Ozo Camera (worth $60K) which will show 360-degree video as it happens, complete with spatial audio.

While the likes of you and I wont be able to afford to experiment with it, streaming providers and other broadcasters will be able to play soon.

With the camera reaching a handful of partners in the spring and hopefully be widely available this summer, so don’t be surprised if immersive videos are commonplace in the near future.

Bio Penis UPDATE!

Imagine, having the BEST, WORST luck ever?! No, think again! Because boy do we have some news for you!

Remember Mohammed Abad from the Bionic Balls Part 2 EP?, Well for those that dont know who he is, he’s the 43 year old Scottish fella who lost his love stick, his disco stick, his purple headed solider, his tonsil tickler, his trouser snake, you guessed it, his penis in a car accident when he was a child has since been given a bionic penis and lost his virginity – Mohammed operates his penis by pushing a button on his testicles to inflate and another one to deflate. Mr Nim Christopher, the consultant neurologist who built the penis every man wants (wait you’ll see why) said: ‘It will stay up as long as he wants and then when he’s had enough he switches the off button.’  – Doctors also informed him that when he went to get his penis – ‘You’ve got a big arm, so we’ll be able to make you a big penis’

Well we have an UPDATE people

He is looking for love because he has a lot to give:

Mohammed told The Mirror: ‘I’m very lonely and would love to find someone. I’ve joined and an Asian dating site and I’ve even tried Tinder, but so far I’ve had no feedback. Not one date. I’d be eternally grateful if someone helped me find love, I’ve got a lot to give. The ­ultimate goal is to have two kids but I need to find somebody first” 

He has normal levels of testosterone and and doctors believe he will be able to have children.

So a big dick and can go for as long as he wants without a care in the world. Silver linings and all that Mohammed. Silver linings. 

The Faithful Mattress!!

Well here’s one for the paranoid lovers out there, someone has come up with a surefire way** to tell infidelity!

There’s a mattress (costing £1,200) which informs you when your partner is CHEATING! (*If they have sex on your bed)

According to its Spanish manufacturers Durmet, it has concealed sensors that are supposed to detect sexy movements and send a text to you or your partners phone depending, if well you know…

The company’s hilarious tagline is:

‘If your partner isn’t faithful, then at least your mattress will be,’ according to the company’s slogan.

Apparently the technology is so advanced,they will be able to see in real time which parts of the bed are being used.

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

New Homefront:The Revolution info!!


If Homefront: The Revolution didn’t seem sick enough already, the guys over at Deep Silver have announced MORE features. Check below for more info:

Deep Silver today unveiled the  Homefront®: The Revolution ‘Merits’ program – a reward scheme for members of the Homefront community. All you got to do is register at and earn merits by completing simple actions on the website. Almost as easy as taking candy from a baby!

Each merit that you guys earn unlocks a piece of Combat Gear from the Red Rebel set, which then can be used to customise your Co-Op character in Resistance Mode. How do I get this gear to use in-game I hear you ask? Simply link your profile to your Xbox/PSN/Steam account to your Homefront account a little bit closer to when the game releases in May. There’s a total of 7 Merits for you to get your teeth sunk into and more will be released over a period of weeks.

AND if that weren’t enough there’s a new ‘Hearts and Minds 101’ Featurette that’s been released (Video Above) which highlights how you guys can perform actions in the open world of Homefront®:The Revolution, which with a bit of luck will ignite a Revolution!!!!

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release on 17th May 2016 in North America, and 20th May 2016 in all other territories on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

For more information and to get the latest updates on both Homefront: The Revolution and the upcoming Xbox One Closed Beta, follow the Homefront Twitter and Instagram at @HomefrontGame or on Facebook at

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