Suicide Squad

Funk Butcher defended Suicide Squad the past few weeks but…..Marcus Bronzy wasn’t as joyful when describing how he found the film. Not only did Marcus not like the film itself, he really wasn’t feeling the costumes and outfits that the characters in Suicide Squad were wearing. Most notably Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, saying that he needed to be more scary and less clean cut. He shouldn’t be watching TV when he is a cannibalistic croc who eats people yet in one scene the monster is chilling watching TV. Come on guys! Make him more scary and less chilled.

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Record Breaking Batman Cosplay!


Batman, Arkham version, Our favourite Comic Book Character has been brought to life in the form of a WORLD RECORD BREAKING COSPLAY SUIT.

Basically it is a bad ass Batman Suit, that blows all other Batman cosplay suits out of the water. Its so good it even could rival the movies. It has been entered into  Guinness World Record books for the most functional gadgets on a cosplay costume. It 23 working gadgets, including smoke spray, fire ball sprays, a bat signal torch, magnetic bat boomerangs, GPS! Bat claw – you name it he has it. Julian Checkley, sorry Batman is the don that made the suit that is based on the Arkham games. Julian is a Special Effects master by trade and spent 3 months making it. But I have done enough talking. Just watch the video above in awe.

If that isn’t enough, check this video out! 

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Kill A Bit: Facebook’s Lifestage App

Currently only available in the US the Lifestage, a standalone iOS app for people 21 and under, to get school goers get to know each other better within their community, from within their own school and surrounding schools. Having a similar feel to snapchat, users can make their Facebook bio exempt from a wall of text and instead fill your bio with short videos and images based around things that you like. The app asks for various different emojis to add to the things that you like that you have captured with your camera based on whether or not you like them. Putting your life – on a stage!

While anyone can download the app, anyone over the age of 22 will only be able to see their own profile and no-one else’s. While the app is owned and created by Facebook you don’t actually need a Facebook for it to work, just download it, open it up, create an account and select your high school.

You’ll immediately be presented with accounts from people that are nearby, only if you jump through some hoops first. You have got to do some leg work and convince your buddies to download and use it. 20 to be exact. Then and only then will you be able to see others around you.

It’s no surprise that this is similar to how the original Facebook was created – via school to school accounts. Will this be as popular as Facebook/Snapchat. Only time will tell!

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Kill A Bit: KeySmart

This device is a lil funky gadget designed to smartly store your keys, and WE LOVE IT. The swiss style key holder can fit up to 100 keys on it and much like in a swiss army knife are tucked away neatly in a compact and versatile holder. Just flick out the one that you want and flick it back when you are done, you can even hold up to 2 usb slots available from KeySmarts site and a loop to hold your car keys, because we don’t leave anyone out here at How To Kill An Hour!


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Kill A Bit: Stranger Things Point and Click

99 out of a hundred times, the missing kid is with a parent or relative.This is about that one other time.”

Freely available demo available online inspired by Stranger Things you play as police chief Jim Hopper in the early parts of the series searching for clues about why Will Byers is missing! Its very short and is a one-room, point and click adventure game and is created by Steven Alexander, James Mulvale & Jon Taylor-Stoll of Infamous Quests.

We advise that you give this a go after you have watched the series as it really wouldn’t make sense if you were to just pick up and play the game. Funk Butcher described it as an accessory to the TV show, complementing the whole mood and vibe of the show well, yet not giving anything away from the main story. Even being produced in an 8-bit style it embellishes the whole 80’s retro setting that Stranger Things has.

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Kill A Bit: Resident Evil Biohazard

You remember when we said we liked, even loved anything Zombies and horror based? Well what we didn’t mention is that not everyone likes horror. Funk Butcher downloaded the Resident Evil: BioHazard demo on PS4 this week. Let’s just say that he didn’t help himself and his fears when he waited until dusk to play this game in the dark.

Unlike the other Resident Evil games this installment is the first one in the series to be played in first person. It follows the same premise as you would usually expect from a Resident Evil game. Survive. The game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, “in modern day”, you are a character called Ethan, Ethan does not have combat skills like past characters, but he is in search of his missing wife and as any typical horror fan would know, it leads him to a derelict plantation mansion. Well we all know what happens then…….

To hear Funk S**t himself  get scared, listen to EP 55 by clicking here!

(We doubt he’ll be using the VR version)

Jason Bourne Film

Here at How To Kill An Hour we don’t mind a film or two when deciding to kill an hour away from the podcast and working. If you don’t know “Jason Bourne” is the 5th installment of the Bourne series (4th if you don’t include the Jeremy Renner sequel) directed by Paul Greengrass with Matt Damon reprising his role as the rogue agent Jason Bourne. The film is about the former CIA assassin resurfacing while those who are hunting him down develop a new programme to find him. He’s fully recovered from the knock on his head which gave him amnesia and enlists the help of Nicky Parsons to uncover the truth behind his dads death. All while kicking government ass in the process.

This sounds awesome right? Well co-host Funk Butcher didn’t share that opinion, while doing his best to defend Suicide Squad a few weeks back, Funk didn’t hold back with his thoughts on how he spent his time with Matt Damon. Ouch!

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EP55 ‘Hard As Cheese’ w / Funk Butcher

Kill A Bit: Hocus

We at How To Kill An Hour don’t mind doing things that make us think and rattle that grey matter in our heads that we call brains, much like our frequent trips to escape rooms. Marcus has found an app that makes us think about more than what we are having for dinner that evening. Hocus is an app that does just that. On the face of it the app is very minimal, yet polished, there is a puzzle in the middle of the screen which has had us tearing our hair out with its crazy puzzle design. With dozens upon dozens of levels I’m sure we’d have pulled our hair out by the end of the month or missed our train stop and have been late for work more than 3 times. Hocus is one of those games which you hate, but you just can’t put down. If you dare to take on the Hocus puzzler, check below for the download link to the iOS app store!

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