Twitter Characters

Twitter Characters: Extending from 140 to 280?

Twitter Characters: Do we need more?

So Twitter, the social media platform that we all love, is potentially changing. Could it be the death of Twitter as we know it? To try and breathe new air into the platform, Twitter are trialling extending it’s Twitter characters from 140 to 280 characters, the reasoning behind this is pretty sound.

Twitter feel as though everyone should be able to express themselves easily, which is fair enough and through testing Twitter have found that tweets in Japanese are easier to tweet as the Japanese language can convey more in less characters, below are some images from Twitter which highlight the same tweet in several different languages and their different character lengths.

As you can see in Japanese it is half the character length than that of Spanish and English. To combat this, Twitter are trialling 280 characters for a small select group of people. Simply Twitter searching “280” brings up a whole heap of opinions, some of them positive, some of them negative and some of them funny (as you would expect from Twitter)

What was the most appealing to us at the office and we’re sure around the world as to why Twitter was so great as you had to be intelligent and concise with your Tweets, you had to try and cram in everything you wanted to say in a witty Tweet. With 280 words that romanticism is gone and you can Tweet to your hearts content. But as one Twitter user pointed out, it can also help A LOT of people:


If anyone was wondering what 280 characters in a Tweet would look like:

Question: Would 280 characters in a tweet work? Will it breathe new life into Twitter, or will it kill it? Let us know by sending us a tweet: @howtokillanhour

top 5 best mobile apps

Top 5 Best Mobile Apps To Kill Time With (Sept 2017)

This Months Top 5 best mobile apps! (Sept 2017)

Every month we are showing off and highlighting to you the fans, the top 5 best mobile apps. It’s what started off How To Kill An Hour and we want to champion that! we love apps here at How To Kill An Hour and we also love Killing Time! Funny that, huh? Anyhow, we aren’t going to bore you with a lot of talk, we know you all love seeing things in action and getting down to what matters the most – killing time! So without further ado, here are the Top 5 best mobile apps to kill time with for September 2017:

1.) Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is an oldie but a goodie, we can remember this back when iPod touches were a thing! It’s still going strong and has spawned plenty of spin offs and sequels. But we’d like to remind you of the what made this franchise so good. Cut The Rope is a lot of fun! This crazy and simple game is based around getting the sweet to the little monster. Use physics and cut the rope at just the right time to avoid the spikes, burst bubbles at the right moment. Be careful though cut at the wrong moment and and you’ve got one upset monster. So cut wisely otherwise it’s game over! Just don’t blame us when you play for too long and miss your stop on the train, it will happen at least once. It’s that good!

Oh and there’s 425 levels to get through 😉

Download here: Apple / Android

Space Frontier

Ketchapp are at the forefront of mobile gaming and Space Frontier is no different, as with many Ketchapp games the aim of the game is to get something as far up or along a track as possible. Space Frontier’s aim is to get your rocket as high into orbit as possible. Again, as with many Ketchapp games the controls are super simple for pick up and play gameplay, simple touches control when you release each stage in your rocket. The further you go the more in game currency you earn to acquire new rocket parts. How far can you get?!

Download here: Apple / Android

Stacks (AR)

Stack is a simple tower game that requires you to build a tower with a selection of blocks as high as possible, however if it is not perfect you will lose a piece of your block. Keep building your tower as high as you can without losing too much of your block, if you do, it’s game over! What’s makes this game better than the original? Now you can build your blocks entirely in AR! We don’t know what it is what Ketchapp do what makes their games so good, but they do. They keep knocking it out of the park and Stacks AR is no different!

Download here: Apple

Punch Punch Kick Punch

In PPKP you take on monsters from Monster Corps, they have attacked and are wreaking havoc on the city! Beat up cars to get building materials for your scrapyard. Even go to the restaurant to increase and replenish your health and your combo powers! Practice your martial arts in the dojo to get better at fighting off hordes of monsters, or go to the laboratory to get special power ups. Plus if you’re stuck you can tap on people around the city to give you hints and tips! Arguably this two button game will leave you glued to your phone for hours! We love it just because it is so so simple, two buttons is all you need!

Download here: Apple

The Machines

First of all this game is SICK! Furthermore it is one of the world’s first competitive multiplayer games that is played in its entirety in AR! Transform your floor/table into a fierce battle arena, assemble and lead a team of specialised machines against friends online! Use super weapons by aiming your phone in the battle field as you physically move around the level! – This game HAS to be played!

Download here: Apple

TOP PICK FOR TOP 5 Best Mobile Apps Sept 2017: The Machines

The Machines was the game that Apple showed off during their iPhone 8 event which touched on AR and how it is going to affect our lives. Apple are taking a huge interest in Augmented Reality and it is showing with their support for The Machines. It makes you move around a virtual world to get a better look at your level and get a step up on your opponent. We cannot wait to see what Apple and various other companies integrate AR in to our everyday lives. To illustrate how AR will help, we’ve seen demo’s of augmented reality tape measures both in the regular sense and in the digital sense.

So there are our Top 5 best mobile apps for September 2017!

Let us know what you think by Tweeting us: @howtokillanhour!

Check back next month for another Top 5 of the best mobile apps for October 2017!

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Merge Town The Game where you grow your own metropolis

Merge Town! – Grown your own metropolis!

Merge Town! by Gram Games was released on  iOS on 30th August and we absolutely love it! We’ve become quite good at the game here at the office and thought that we would share some of our top 10 tips to achieving great success!


Merge Town! Top 5 Tips, Tricks & Strategies

#1 – Tap away!

Unlike merge games that have come prior, there is no fall state in Merge Town! So tap away and fill up your board with buildings and crates. Tiles can be swapped and merged to create more room at any time, so you can do this without worry. As merging and upgrading is a lot quicker while you’re active in the game, it really pays off to tap and speed up the process!

#2 – Cover your bases while idle

Buildings will earn you money while you’re away from the game, so make sure there is a home (regardless of size, but preferably high level ones) on every plot of your map before you leave. Every house will be collecting coins that you can use to buy more buildings when you return.

#3 – Stay focused

Organise your strategy a little bit and you’ll see big rewards down the line. As your board fills up with higher level homes, you’ll have buildings that can’t be merged using up space – a good tip ahead of this is to keep your highest level building to one side of the plot, which also gives you a current goal to duplicating that building.

The more houses you’re able to merge, the more stars you’ll earn, which in turn will give you higher experience levels that unlock new plots of land to drop house on and increase your earnings.

#4 – Spend wisely

Aim to spend your earnings on higher level buildings, which will save you the time to have to merge up to them. Free buildings can also be earned within the game, so keep an eye out on those! As you reach later levels, you will have also accumulated cash that you can swap in higher level purchases.

#5 – Sunsetland: The Party House

Sunsetland, the second town, will be unlocked once you reach level eight. Sunsetland boasts an additional feature to help you maximize your profit – the Party House. When you begin gameplay in Sunsetland, the highest level building on your board will become your “Party House.” When you merge that building with another, that event will give further profit boost to all surrounding houses. Make sure to optimize placement such that your highest level houses benefit from the effect of the Party House!

To download Merge Town! please click here!

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This is the Tenikle The most useful tech accessory out there today, combining all of life's essential tech essentials in one handy device! Use it as a selfie stick, a stand, a car mount and even a tripod! The simple and intuitive design allows you to be hands free and do absolutely anything, such as film yourself in the gym, watch a movie while lying comfortably and even mount it to your car windscreen for safe sat nav navigation! Back this project here:

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

This is the Tenikle The most useful tech accessory out there today, combining all of life’s essential tech essentials in one handy device! Use it as a selfie stick, a stand, a car mount and even a tripod!

The simple and intuitive design allows you to be hands free and do absolutely anything, such as film yourself in the gym, watch a movie while lying comfortably and even mount it to your car windscreen for safe sat nav navigation!

Back this project here!

Usmain Speaker

Usmain speaker

Check out the Usmain egg-size super mini bluetooth portable speaker! Music: Rumble –

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

  • Small but Mighty: This Bluetooth Speaker is super mini. It’s small as an egg and ideal for use on the way, in the garden or on the beach. At the same time, it is distinguished by a powerful bass and clean sound.
  • With Hands-Free Calling: Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can call with this small portable speaker anywhere with your friends and familymembers as you want. It is a good solution to avoid headache when making longtime calling.
  • All in One Button Control: The wireless speaker has only one button. It allows you to set the voice, answer calls, adjust music, turn on and off.
  • Two Methods for Audio Play: This shower speaker of Usmain gives customers not only the opportunity to connect Smartphones over Bluetooth, but also can be used to work with other devices over 3.5mm Aux Input.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Usmain provides customer service in English and German with the response time of less than 12 hours on average.


Purchase your own Usmain Speaker by clicking here!

Pokken Tournament DX LiveStream!

Episode 257 – DingIt.Tv

iOS 11 Making It Difficult For Law To Unlock Your Phone?!

The next iOS is even more secure than we first thought!

According to security developer ElcomSoft, iOS 11 will require your passcode on the device itself when plugged into a new computer or laptop for the first time, to establish a new trusted computer, regardless if you click ‘trust this computer’

This is especially important for user privacy as constitutional laws try to catch up with technology, over in the US the Fifth Amendment does not protect fingerprints but can apply to passcodes in some instances.

The FBI even paid $900,000 to unlock the San Bernadino terrorists iPhone after Apple refused, claiming privacy violations and apparently the police have even tried to unlock a dead victims device with a 3D printed fingerprint!

Ring Helping To Stop Crime!

Ring, the smart home security company, announced this past week that their video doorbells have lead to approximately 100 arrests for burglaries in the UK over the past year.

Using footage from Ring Video Doorbells as criminal evidence, Ring are now helping over 100,000 UK homeowners feel safe in the own home to prevent doorstep and vehicle crime with the help of live footage and two way talk back features on their Ring Video Doorbells.

Jamie Siminoff, founder and chief inventor of Ring says

“With Ring, UK homeowners can keep an eye on their property when they’re not at home and conveniently communicate with family members and doorstep visitors through smartphones. Not only are customers able to intercept burglars before they enter a property, but criminals are thinking twice at the mere sight of a Ring device.” (Ring Press Release Sept 2017)


To purchase a Ring video doorbell please click here!