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Babershop Ballers

Babershop Ballers: Alternative Footie Analysis

Barbershop Ballers

Neymar has got nothing on these lads…For more gold like this tune into Barbershop Ballers at the end of Spain v Russia on the Red Button #barbershopballers.

Posted by BBC Sport on Sunday, 1 July 2018

The world cup is over and we were blue after being knocked out by Croatia in the Semi-Finals. However, we can hold our heads high as the lads done well and made the country proud. What a World Cup it was, trials, tribulations, tears, excitement, drama, it was an exhilarating watch!  Babershop Ballers was one of the things that was really good to watch alongside the football, bringing with it comedy and football analysis! (We’re not forgetting when Nick went to the toilet and missed a GAME CHANGING goal during Belgium Japan!)

Yet, our very own Nick Bright had his own show on the BBC iPlayer during the World Cup and it was incredible! Set up by BBC Sport and called Babershop Ballers, Nick Bright had an alternative analysis of every single game during the World Cup in Russia.

The premise was Nick lead a viewing party for a whole host of celebrity guests such as Trevor Nelson, Lethal Bizzle, Nadia Rose, YouTube Star DT and NFL Superstar Jay Ajayi

Watch Nick Bright on Babershop Ballers by clicking here, there are a total of 10 available episodes to watch!

Listen to the guys chatting about Babershop Ballers on the latest podcast which you can listen to by clicking here! 

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VR Concert

The First VR Concert

Our friends over at Mashable are reporting about the recent Oculus Venue concert from Vance Joy. Vance performed at the Colorado Red Rock Amphitheatre and it was beamed across the world as a live VR concert.

It was part of a brand new feature that’s available for the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. A feature that allows users to watch live events with friends in VR! To show off this cool feature Facebook offered a free concert from Australian Vance Joy to concert goers back in May. It wasn’t pre-recorded and beamed across the world like a DVD showing. It was an actual live event. A first for Facebook/Oculus but not a brand new thing. To be eligible for this you had to have an Oculus Account, the Oculus iOS/Android App and a Oculus Go or Gear VR headset. Bad luck any of you top of the line Oculus owners, you were out of luck. Then open up the Venue section and connect to the event.


Just like in real life you sit down in a stadium , albeit a virtual one, looking at the Red Rock Amphitheatre. Look around and it’s filled with other VR concert goers in avatar form. You are able to watch in both solo mode or with others in social mode too. While as you would expect social mode allows you to chat with other fans, in an attempt from Oculus to make it feel like an actual concert. Like you’re there, without actually being there. If you are wondering too, you can chat to them using your voice and not messaging one another. Though as Oculus is Facebook owned, if you share common interests with the person next to you, it will show up on screen.

VR concert: Behaviour

As is like the real world you’re going to have to behave yourself, upon entering the arena, Mashable are reporting that you are presented with a code of conduct screen. Which we’re not sure if many people will read, yet, Mashable are reporting that it states not to harass, use any offensive language or display anti-social behaviour. So like in real life at concerts. Don’t be a d*ck.

If someone is being the aforementioned body part you can click on their avatar and Facebook will look into it. While they may not get kicked out straight away, you are able to mute and block them. If only that feature could work in the real world. However, you can add them as an Oculus friend. You can turn up the music and turn down the chat volume of the crowd too. With Mashable reporting that this was a real pleasing part of the experience! To add to this experience trumping a real life concert, there are no phones in your face recording the event. People are too busy enjoying the music or talking to one another. Something that really should happen in real life in all honesty.

Is it worth it?

Enjoy music at home, without the commute home, pushing and shoving, drugged up skinny teenagers trying to sell you dodgy pills, p*ss bottles, should know better middle aged people trying to be cool or the rowdy couple who couldn’t wait to get home. While all that sounds rather inviting and pleasing, maybe that’s what concerts are all about. The experience, the atmosphere isn’t just the same as being there. That’s what it feels like, hopefully we get the chance to experience this in How To Kill An Hour towers ourselves, as it seems rather intriguing!

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Episode 290 Microsoft Windows 10 Update!

Mikme Silver

Mikme Silver: A small but powerful device!

Mikme are back with a smaller version of the Mikme Microphone BlackGold, introducing the little brother, the Mikme Silver! This version includes a 2/3 capsule instead of a 1″phantom-powered, gold-plated condenser capsule. Furthermore instead of a whopping 16gb of storage the Mikme silver includes 2gb’s worth of storage. Plenty to record plenty podcasts on, as it has up to 45hours worth of record time!
The Mikme Silver other than the features above still retains all of the original features of it’s bigger brother. Just in a smaller form version! You can still record audio with your PC/Mac via USB. Allowing you to achieve crystal clear audio for things like Skype Calls, Music recordings or even webinars.
Support the Mikme Silver by donating via their Indiegogo page. Simply click here to give them a helping hand!
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Party Hard Travel

Party Hard Travel

Party Hard Travel are revolutionising the way that young people party and they’re back for Summer of 2018! We think that they’re worth checking out as a whopping 10,000 young people went on holiday last year with the help of these guys! There’s a reason that everyone is talking about them this summer! We all love to party and Party Hard Travel are here to help everyone have a good time. There’s no reason why any one should be stopped from enjoying themselves! (Responsibly!) They’re worth checking out for an enjoyable summer of 2018!

Party Hard Travel: Why?

These guys have an unbelievable package for all of their party goers this summer. The party centric travel agent give all clubbers a Free Ultimate Events Package Upgrade when you book through them. What do you get with them, that you don’t get with others? Well….unlimited free access to live events, club nights, boat parties and much much more. Plus of course you get a holiday booked through them and you get memories to last a lifetime!

What’s even better than all of that? It does get better as deposits are as low as £99 to secure your place. There’s a total of seven different holiday destinations to choose from, Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Kavos, Magaluf, Malia, Sunny Beach and Zante. Party Hard cover the lot so you don’t have to shop around, they make it easy! Covering things from flights, to accommodation, access to all the events and parties! What more do you need? What’s even better you don’t have to be 18-30 with Party Hard. Those over 30 are still eligible to attend! All these guys want is everyone of  any age to party and have a good time!

Find out more about Party Hard Travel by clicking here!

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Google Podcasts

Podcasts have a new home on Android: Google Podcasts

Apple and their iPhone’s have had a dedicated podcast player for years, whilst Android users have had a plethora of podcast players there hasn’t been a dedicated app from Google themselves. Until today. Google Podcasts has recently been released. As you’d expect. As a search engine company, search is a very strong part of Google Podcasts:

Google Podcasts: Google Search

On an Android phone (unsurprisingly Google Podcasts is not available on iPhone) you can search for your favourite podcast with a Google Search. Simply type the show into Google and an auto complete box will appear. The information for your podcast(s) of choice will appear in an info card that allows you to play episodes right from within the search tab.

Tapping on “more episodes” will launch a web app for managing your podcasts. The search giant is calling this a “homebase”. Within “homebase” you can listen to new episodes and browse for more podcasts. Google’s algorithms will even show you custom recommendations based on what you listen to as well. If “homebase” recognises that you listen to a podcast more than others, it will prompt you to create a favourite for it. This will pin it to the home screen so you can head straight there. You can even use your voice to search for an podcast if you have a Google home too! Simply as it to play “Ok Google, play the How To Kill An Hour podcast” and we’ll start playing! 😉

Don’t fret either as you can listen to your podcasts on your phone and pick up right from where you left off on your Google Home!

Download Google Podcasts here: Android

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