#PhilipsManyFaces Campaign


#PhilipsManyFaces Campaign: Discover the many faces of the modern man.

The #PhilipsManyFaces campaign is a campaign designed to take a look at what emotional traits men value and what they believe society still expects.

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Below is what the campaign discovered:

  • So, new research reveals that the British modern man plays an average of four roles every day
  • Over half (52%) feel men have a certain image to live up to and that there are certain expectations they must live up to as a man (52%), rising to 62% for 16-24 year olds and millennials
  • Loyalty (62%) topped the charts as the most important personality trait men aspire to, but most believe that society expect them to be strong.

The research concluded that British men believe that they have many faces. A huge 62% believed that they juggle an average of 4 roles per day. With the traits that they exhumed, it appears that they may not be aligned with the stereotypical traits that society expects of them.

The campaign

Philips collaborated with five ambassadors from different walks of life. (One of them being our very own Marcus Bronzy!) From models, mentors, fathers, leaders and artists. Harry Judd was one of those chosen, who said:

 “I myself swing between numerous roles, one as a father as well as a drummer, dancer, husband and friend, so I know from personal experience that men are multi-dimensional. I also have sensitive skin, both figuratively and physically, and believe it’s important to overcome stereotypes in today’s society.’’



While, live painting artist Guglielmo Alfarone created very unique portraits of all of the ambassadors too! They look absolutely incredible! Alfarone, thrives on revealing depth and dimension in his work. While he is excited to realise the nuances of the modern British man.


From the 2,000 UK Men surveyed, men aspire to be loyal (63%), supportive (63%) and caring (62%). This contradicts what they believe society expects from them: Strength (42%) and confidence (32%). This is a huge disconnect! So, Philips believe that the reason may be that more than half of respondents admit to feeling some sort of pressure. A pressure to live up to a certain image. With the number of men believing this reaching a huge 60% of generation Z’ers.

Such a huge difference between personal values and societal expectations inspired the birth of the #PhilipsManyFaces Campaign

“As the world’s number one electric shaving brand, few understand how men’s faces, identities and self-expression have changed over the decades like Philips….We find ourselves living in unparalleled times, full of contradictions and new, ever-evolving influences. With this campaign, Philips encourages open discussions about men’s lives, triumphs and insecurities. We want men to appreciate the many positive ways they impact the people around them in the many roles they hold, to prioritise what matters most to them and to be confident about their choices, because confidence is the very essence of feeling comfortable in your own skin.”   Marlieke Evers, Philips Male Grooming Marketing Manager.

Research reveals too that 52% of men are comfortable talking about their feelings and 54% of them are generally confident. Also, 21% of men attribute this to having a strong support system for them in place. While on the other hand 37% feel comfortable in their own skin and 47%  agree that they care about what other people think of them.

Furthermore, here are the highlights once again from Philips research findings:

  • Personality traits men aspire to have are being supportive (63%), loyal (63%) and caring (62%), but they think society believes being strong (42%) and confident (32%) are most important.
  • While, 62% of men agree they have multiple roles every day and 63% say they can multi-task.
  • 73% I am happy to share roles and responsibilities at home.
  • 52% admit to feeling pressure to live up to a certain image. While this rose even higher to 60% amongst generation Z.
  • 60% agree it is important to take care of their appearance. Also, 78% say it is important to take care of their health (rising to 84% of parents).

So, discover more about the #PhilipsManyFaces campaign here 

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Episode 297 Marvel’s Spider-Man




What is a VPN?

First things first: The Internet

So you know what a VPN can do but what actually is a VPN? Well SpyOff VPN have done a detailed breakdown of what a VPN is here. Here is a smaller breakdown of what a VPN is:

The internet isn’t based around www.’s and names of websites. Websites have their own unique URL as does our internet connection. Google may be dislpayed as ‘www.google.com’ on your web browser, but behind that piece of text is a set of numbers. When you type google.com into your web browser, your browser looks for the IP address which is associated to google.com on a DNS server. It finds it and then presents that page to you.


A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network. This technology establishes an encrypted connection between different endpoints. From an internet enabled device to the internet. Depending on the protocol used, this is more or less secure. The information between the two connections is encrypted and no one access it from the outside. Hence the term ‘private’ network.

Your computer will encrypt the data before sending it. Your destination will decrypt the data, create a response to it and encrypt it all before sending it back. This is apparent for all webpages, be that a online game, a shop or a YouTube video. The use of a VPN is very secure because of this.

What is SpyOff VPN

SpyOff VPN is a programme that allows users to view Netflix, but not just any Netflix, another countries Netflix. But there are more benefits to a VPN that you will know about, it’s not all about viewing cool stuff from another country! Although we all know that that’s the main reason why you may want a VPN 😉

Advantages of a VPN

A VPN provides:


No monitoring by your internet service provider

Internet Service Providers monitor what you do an in the US, they can make certain websites load faster than others. They can even throttle (make slower) your whole internet if you go over your agreed limit! With SpyOFF VPN you can surf the web independently and anonymously!

No surveillance by the stateSpyOFF VPN

Your home country can monitor and know what you do, including your entire traffic:

  • Which pages you visit
  • Movies you are watching
  • Messages you read

With the use of a VPN, you can surf the web privately!

SpyOFF VPNNo geoblocking

Geoblocking is a technical term for content that is only viewable in the country that it was intended. For example, if you go away on holiday watching BBC iPlayer and you’re halfway through an Eastenders binge. You get to your destination and you cannot watch it! That’s because the BBC have prevented your holiday destination from viewing it. This may down to licensing or simply the BBC don’t want it viewable outside the UK.

However with a VPN you can change your location to UK and continue watching your favourite soap!

No CensorshipSpyOFF VPN

In some countries such as North Korea or Iran the internet is filtered and censored from the people. Less well known that this happens in nearly every country, not just in restrictive regimes. With a VPN you can surf the web with complete freedom and not be filtered away from content.

SpyOFF VPNLow Cost Offers

Whilst away, you see a cheap flight offer. You return home and it is more expensive! This is due to ‘Dynamic Pricing’ and means that the ticket is sold for the maximum price possible at you current location. For example, people who live in higher income countries are priced higher than those from lower income countries. With a VPN you can change location and save money!

Safe Surfing in PublicSpyOFF VPN

Public WIFI is great, however, it can be a risky thing as you never know who is on the network with you, snooping at your data, activity and passwords! With a VPN you can encrypt your communication and surf the public WIFI securely!



SpyOFF VPN is a subscription based service and pricing can be found here!

Read more in-depth information about SpyOFF VPN by clicking here and reading about their killer features by clicking here!

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Apple September 2018 Keynote

Episode 296 The Apple September 2018 Keynote!

Episode 295 Huge Euge Eugene Collins

Watch OS5 – What can’t it do?

Watch OS5 (and potentially a whole new apple watch) is on the way very very soon and there are some cool features coming to the Apple Watch, check out some of the coolest ones below!

We also got our hands on the current model which managed to curve some opinions on the matter of wearables in genera You can hear the guys chatting about on our podcast by clicking here:


Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Competition

Activity Competitions

Watch OS5 now lets you invite your friends who are also Apple Watch wearers to competitions! Compete in 7 day activities, earning points for closing rings! You’ll even receive coaching notifications to help you along the way!







Auto Workout detection


Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Workout Detection

In Watch OS5, your Apple watch will now auto-detect what workout you are currently completing! You’ll get an alert to start the correct workout and give retroactive credit. The watch will also recognise that you’ve completed the work out and nudge you to end the workout session if it senses a period of inactivity.









Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – New Workouts

New Workouts

Alongside 12 other workouts on the Apple Watch Yoga and Hiking have been added! Accurately tracking active calories burned and exercise minutes earned.








Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Running Features



New Running Features

For running enthusiasts, there’s a whole host of powerful features added to Watch OS5. Including steps per minute, metric for indoor and outdoor runs and walks. There’s also an alarm that you can set for outdoor runs. It will let a user know if they are behind or ahead of their designated target pace. Plus the Watch will now let you know the rolling mile pace. This will be an option for runners who want to know their pace for the preceding mile in addition to their average/current pace.



Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

With the tap of your wrist you are now able to communicate with other Watch OS5 users with the introduction of Walkie Talkie! A brand new and fun way to keep in touch with friends and family. It works over both cellular data and Wifi.

(Walkie Talkie Not Available In China, UAE Or Pakistan)





Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

You can now listen to your favourite podcasts (How To Kill An Hour) on your Apple Watch with Watch OS5. Episodes will also be synced with other devices too, as well as auto refresh with the latest episodes!







Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Siri

Siri Updates

Siri is even better with Watch OS5, she will now offer more predictive and proactive shortcuts throughout the day based on your routines. Taking in information such as location, heart rate after a workout, and your commute time with Maps. Siri will also show you scores from your favourite sports teams!






Student ID Cards

Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Student ID

For our readers you’ll now be able to add your Student ID card to your Apple Watch! Allowing students to raise their wrist to do an all manner of things such as gain access to the library or their dorms. Universities of Alabama, Oklahoma and Duke will be available when OS5 releases in the fall. While, Johns Hopkins, Santa Clara and Temple Universities will bring the capability by the end of the year.





Enhanced Notifications

Also, Notifications via third party apps are now able to interactive without the need to open the app!

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Marvel's Spiderman

Marvel’s Spider-Man

So, after watching that, why not purchase Marvel’s Spider-Man by clicking here!

Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man was shown off at E3 this year and it impressed the E3 crowd and those watching at home a like. Spiderman is an action and adventure open world game exclusive to PS4. The gameplay trailer that was shown off this year did not disappoint. It looks just like a movie and the devs over at Insomniac have done a wonderful job of seamlessly transitioning between gameplay and cutscenes.

Also revealed was a whole host of villains that Marvel’s Spider-Man will be taking on too! Villains include Electro, Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture. Consequently, all of whom escape from the maximum security prison that we see in the trailer above. Hype has been huge for this game and for all the right reasons too! Consequently it’s shaping up to be a heavy hitter when it releases on 7th September 2018 as an exclusive title for PS4. (The Verge)

Game Information

Marvel’s: Spider-Man is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 console. It will be the first licensed game developed by Insomniac. The game will tell a new story about Spider-Man and is not tied to a film or comic book. The game will cover both the Peter Parker and Spider-Man aspects of the character and will feature a more experienced Spider-Man.

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Google Pixel 3 XL revealed?

Google Pixel 3 XL has seemingly been revealed! As it was left in the back of a Lyft!

Metro are reporting that the driver of the Lyft is a reader of Android Police. A technology website. He is a user of the Pixel 2 XL and immediately noticed that it was different than it!

The thing that was most noticeable to him was the notch. It is completely different! As he had seen it on a number of previous Pixel 3 XL leaks prior. Plus the conspicuous Google Logo on the back of the device would lead him to believe it was a Google Pixel 3 XL.

Google Pixel 3 XL

The driver chose not to have a look within the phone. Yet decided to take pictures of the unknown device instead. Consequently sending them to Android Police. Metro are too reporting that the device was returned to it’s rightful owner.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Maybe we will know more come October 4th at Google’s Pixel event.

However, Metro are reporting that the device will have a 2,960 x 1,440 pixel resolution and run Android 9.


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Vype ePen 3

Vype ePen 3

No strangers to Vapers (1, 2, 3) we have been testing out hte brand new revolutional vaper from Vype, called the ‘Vype ePen 3’ and it is absolutely wonderful! It comes complete with a brand new design and an evolutionary technological improvement to provide a satisfying experience for the user.

The Vype ePen 3 has a cutting edge closed-system vaping technology which provides an alternative to many adult smokers and vapers are used to. It has a HUGE 650mAh battery which delivers intense flavours for Vapers all day! (under an average usage)

The Vype ePen 3 has a brand new design which is compact and comfortable to hold and fits neatly when not used.. It has a metallic finish which comes in a whole host of colours. (Red, Black, Blue, Silver, White and Gold)

Intense Flavours

There are a whole host of flavours that are compatible for with the Vype ePen 3 each come with four nicotine levels too ((0mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml).

The flavours available to Vapers are:

  • Blended Tobacco: A blend of smooth, toasted tobacco notes;
  • Crisp Mint: An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation;
  • Wild Berries: A fresh mix of rich wild berries with a subtle hint of vanilla;
  • Golden Tobacco: A balanced combination of smooth and creamy golden tobacco notes with a hint of sweet caramel;
  • Dark Cherry: A deep yet light blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes;
  • Fresh Apple: A refreshing mix of zesty green apples and cool mint leaves;
  • Infused Vanilla: A blend of sweet and creamy vanilla and caramel tones;

“ePen 3 is our best vape ever and has been five years in the making.  Internal tests show ePen 3 provides a superior vaping experience versus other Pod Mods, recognised by the positive reviews we have received from smokers and Vapers alike.

The rich vapour and intense flavour delivery sets this device apart and provides a truly satisfying experience that offers a real alternative to smoking while being a great lifestyle fit for Vapers seeking a fashionable, & easy-to-use device.  The wide choice of colours, flavours and nicotine strengths mean there is something for every Vaper or smoker”.  

Gemma Webb, General Manager at British American Tobacco UK 

Our own Marcus Bronzy says:

“Portable device for Vapers that just works!”

To purchase your own Vype ePen 3 starter kit, please click here!

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Bowers and Wilkins Sound System

Bowers and Wilkins Sound System

To attend Festival of Sound 2018 please click here for ticket information!

One Legendary Speaker

British speaker innovators Bowers and Wilkins are bringing to the Festival of Sound (27th-30th September) their incredible Bowers and Wilkins Sound System! It will be shown off at the Novotel London West, Hammersmith International Center. The three day event will showcase luxury audio, live music and seminars. The Bowers and Wilkins Sound System gives musical artists the opportunity to perform on a speaker system that will bring a different dimension to their music.

At the festival this year, artists such as Chris Difford the founding member of Squeeze and two time Grammy nominated singer songwriter Beht Nielsen Chapman. Plus trip hop artists UNKLE and co-founderss of Art of Noise, Gary Langan and JJ Jeczalik.

Bowers and Wilkins Sound System

Bowers and Wilkins Sound System

Bowers and Wilkins Sound System

The Sound System is the make up of over 50 years of acoustic excellence to produce one incredible sound system. Providing a range and clarity that a normal top end hi fi speaker system would. While also providing the raw power required to deliver sound as it’s meant to be heard to 1000’s of music lovers. There’s a reason why this incredible system has never been produced commercially. Consequently the sound system has become legendary within the music scene.

Sound System made it’s debut at one of Europe’s most impressive festivals 4 years ago in 2014. The Primavera Sound. It was so well received too! Therefore it has gone on to a number of tours of summer festivals. Furthermore it has been played on by DJ’s such as John Talabot and Jackmaster.


Sound System is made up of four way active loudspeakers upon four stacks acting as a foundation. The stacks are HUGE too standing 3.2meters tall. Providing a total of 120dB of sound and bass that is thumping but controlled. The sound engineeres that have crafted most of Bowers and Wilkins most famous products also worked on the Sound System. The result, one amazing PA system that sounds beautifully wonderful.

Festival of Sound 2018

Festival Of Sound 2018

Festival Of Sound 2018

The Festival of Sound for 2018 is heavily music focused. Bringing together a global premier of the worlds most premium audio products. With it complete with demonstrations and seminars. Furthermore there will be live musical acts from renowned artists and individual buskers. However, this year, they will all be played on the Bowers and Wilkins amazing PA System the “Sound System”

“Our concert series is set to feature Chris Difford, UNKLE co-founder James Lavelle & Philip Sheppard, Art of Noise co-founders JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan, Unsung Singers, Antonio Forcione, Beth Nielsen Chapman and many more, so we wanted to make a statement when it came to the PA system the music will be heard through – after all this is an audio show. To do this, we have the honour of using Bowers & Wilkins’ Sound System, which will provide the concert goers with the high quality hi-fi sound the brand is known for in an intimate live music environment.” Vernon Hamblin, producer of the Festival of Sound

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