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VR Headset

5 Exciting New Gaming Trends

If you need tangible proof of the advancement of technology, the gaming world is the place to go. When you think about how far gaming has come in the last few decades, it’s remarkable. From slow black and white screens to intense real-time gaming, the industry has made leaps and bounds. However, it’s not planning on stopping anytime soon. So, if you want to know what you can expect from the gaming world in the next few years, take a look below.

VR Headset

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality isn’t a new concept in the gaming world, but there is room for so much more than there is right now. 3D has been around longer than many people know. The reason that it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now is because it wasn’t affordable. Like the majority of innovative technology, the wealthy are the ones who get to experience it first. However, VR headsets are about to change the gaming world forever. For example, Oculus Rift, created by Palmer Luckey, has a huge field view, quicker response than other headsets and immersive 3D technology.


Secondary Screens


For years, gamers have been complaining about not being able to do two things at once while playing certain games. This is especially true for action games where time is precious and the last thing you want to do is pause the game to access another screen. The introduction of secondary screens, like Wii U and Xbox SmartGlass. If you are going to use an additional screen, you’ll need a quality HD one the LG 27UK850 Monitor. Being able to access maps or menus from one screen and continue to play on another will make gaming that more exciting.

PS4 Controller


Cheap Gaming


One of the downsides to gaming is that it can be expensive to kit yourself out with everything you need to get the full experience of games on the market right now. That’s why so many people are playing games on their phones. You can expect to see a rise in android powered game consoles where people can get their hands on cheap and free games with a 1080p gaming experience. The industry will no longer rely on big corporations to create expensive games.


Augmented Reality


Augmented reality has just as many possibilities as virtual reality. When using augmented reality, a gamer’s reality is altered to provide them with a new experience each time. For instance, games like DroidShooting can be played on phones. The game takes your surroundings and you have to shoot at the droids that appear within those surroundings. You’ll see your own reality on your phone but the game will add to it to create an experience.

Cloud Gaming


If you thought the Cloud didn’t have its finger in this pie too, you’d be wrong. The future of gaming will be more accessible, like music and movies, to those who want to game at the click of a button. All it will take is a device and an internet connection to play a selection of different games online.


Gaming is constantly changing, but always for the better.



We recently had Rick Edwards on the show and had a wonderful time chatting to him about all things science, Fatbergs and hunting for treasure in rivers. Most notably we discussed his Science podcast that he presents alongside Dr Michael Brooks: Science(ish). Science(ish) is all about discussing the science in popular culture.

What are the episodes about?

In the podcast that we had with Rick we discussed recent Science(ish) shows such as discussing what would happen if there were Nuclear Warfare. Dr Michael Brooks’ revelation that the best way to figure out humanity. It would be to place loads of babies on a desert island and do experiments on them. How plants defend themselves against caterpillars. Plus Rick informed us about a special that was once shelved, it was due to be released on Valentines Day. To find out exactly what the special was, listen to Rick’s show with us! Furthermore Marcus found out during his chat with Rick that they’re doing an episode on Wolverine soon! In this EP, Rick discusses with Dr Michael Brooks about regeneration, much like Wolverine! Also we touched on genetic mutation and how people may be able to mutate gene’s in the future to design their children!


We had a great time chatting to Rick about his podcast Science(ish) and book of the same name. It is very apparent that Rick is very passionate about Science. Yet, the things he spoke about whilst with us, were made very simple for us to understand. This is what Science(ish) is all about, talking about Science in a cool, entertaining and interesting way. So, therefore, even if you’re not a fan of Science, you may have had some Science discussions with your mates without even knowing about it as Rick stated in the podcast!

Science is not as dull as many Tv shows and text books may lead you to believe. While Science(ish) is the cool cousin of that. You will want to delve into things with your friends about many of the subjects that Edwards and Brooks discuss on Science(ish). Therefore we feel that it will open your eyes to the things! Such as how exciting and exhilarating Science can be, more specifically the future of the world.

Science(ish) is a very cool podcast and we highly recommend that you check out Rick’s podcast, you can listen to Science(ish) by clicking here!

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is OUT NOW and we think that it is absolutely incredible. Not only is it beautiful but the story is said to be one of the most interesting and immersive gaming experiences out there right now. We will definitely come back to you with a full look at Metro Exodus in the future. But in the mean time, we’re on board. This game has no competitive multiplayer, it has no co-op but what it does have is a vivid story which will keep you entertained for hours. It looks like a movie, what more could you want?!

Five years on from the previous Metro game (Metro: Last Light) you control Arytom and a band of Spartan Rangers. WHo have fled the Moscow Metro and embark on an incredible continent spanning epic journey. Not just any journey either, it’s across a post apocalyptic Russia.

The story is inspired by novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro Exodus’ storyline is a huge expansive single player experience that blends an incredible narrative. With high octane impact combat, exploration, survival and stealth. Therefore creating one wonderfully atmospheric, immersive world. We haven’t been this excited for a single player experience since Red Dead Redemption II! 

Purchase Metro Exodus by clicking here! 

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10 year Challenge for Phones

#10YearChallenge – Smartphone Edition

The #10YearChallenge has only just finished sweeping the world. However, what would the #10YearChallenge look like if our smartphones undertook this challenge instead? CompareMyMobile have undertook a really cool study on how the smartphone world looked 10years ago. It’s very suprising to be fair! We’ve come a very long way!

For example 10 years ago only 17% of adults had a smartphone, compared to a whopping 78% of adults currently. Which as a result we are more addicted to our smartphones than we ever were. They’ve also changed in a number of other ways

  • Costs – the mobile phones of today are in some cases 7 times more expensive than they were in 2009
  • Memory capacity – it has increased 16 times in some cases
  • Display is twice as big (or more!) compared to mobile phones in 2009
  • Camera – smartphone cameras today have at least 3 times (or more pixels) than in 2009

CompareMyMobile.com has compiled a list of the most talked about phones in 2009 and compared them to their 2019 rivals from the same manufacturer. They also took a look at what contracts were on offer to punters in 2009 too!


They discovered that in 2009, upfront costs for phones and monthly payments were a lot cheaper (unsurprisingly) however, what is shocking is that some of the 2019 prices compared to their 2009 equivalent have TRIPLED! Whereas mobile devices were affordable in 2009 when looking at upfront costs. While in some cases monthly payments are fairly similar. The one thing that is surprising. If you look at all of the contracts today for smartphones. It’s normal to expect Gigs of data. It’s crazy to think now, but in 2009, some networks were charging  £5 per megabyte for internet usage!!

In 2009 500 texts per month, which was deemed as quite good. Minutes were 100-900minutes. Fast forward to 2019 and both those are often listed as unlimited. (Who calls these days anyway?)


Please see two examples below!

For a much more detailed look at the #10YearChallenge Smartphone edition please click here! There’s a look at past popular smartphones developers such as Blackberry’s (remember BBM!?) and the ever favourite Nokia.

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When is the best time to sell your Samsung?

Are you planning on getting the latest Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy S10 once it launches on February 20th 2019? Do you already own a Samsung smartphone, or have an old one around your home somewhere?

Well, trade in site musicMagpie have got some news for you! If you want a new one, the best time to sell is NOW! They’ve got a handy chart (seen above) which depicts the value of a range of smartphones after 12 months.

Why is the best time to sell NOW? Well musicMagpie found that Android devices. Such as Samsung handsets. Could lose as much as a 35% decrease in value once the latest handsets release. In this case, the S10.

Trade-In Value

musicMagpie figure that the Samsung Galaxy S9 since its release in 2018, could fetch £300 if they trade in now. Those that have the larger handset, the S9+ can see a return of £340. However, once the S10 drops the value decrease is said to drop! If users were to trade in early, they will ensure a very good return on their initial investment.

The research from musicMagpie also found that both handsets the S9 and S9+ both decreased in value by 64% over a 10month period. Which was more than any other previous generation Galaxy handset over a 10month period. Suprisingly and interestingly, if the S10 follows the same decrease in value than it’s predecessors, it is set to lose at least 50% of it’s value in the FIRST MONTH after launch.


“With the S10 launch just around the corner, consumers looking to upgrade to the S10 can get more money for their old device now rather than after. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ lost the same amount of value in the same time and we’ve never really seen that in any other device range – usually, the newer version of the handset takes longer to lose value.

While cars typically lose approximately 20% when driven off the lot, technology items can lose up to an average of 65% once they are taken out of the box, depending on the brand. It’s well documented in our bi-annual depreciation studies that iPhones hold their value better than Samsung devices, and it’ll be interesting to see how much more the Samsung Galaxy S9 will drop in value once the S10 is out.” Liam Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at musicMagpie

For more detailed look at phone depreciation, please click here!

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Episode 315 IKEA Takeover

Episode 314 Smut Block

Porn Block

UK Government Porn Block : Update

Porn Blocks, who woulda thought eh?

Way back in 2015 the UK government were looking to restrict access to porn. A porn block if you will. However, they can’t just block it, there needs to be some legal measures first. Firstly, the changes introduced in the Digital Economy Act 2017, states that commercial providers of porn should have age checks on them to stop children from seeing explicit images and videos.

The government planned to introduce age verification (not of the honor system kind, the give us your credit card info kind. Digital ID’s are also said to be used also.) in April 2018. Sites such as RedTube, Pornhub and xHamster have all said that they will comply with the changes. Yet, there were some technical challenges of implementing the law across thousands of websites. Subsequently, the law was postponed. However, a year later, April 2019, the age checks are said to appear online. Wired are reporting that this is yet to be confirmed however.

Websites that operate under a commercial basis will have to comply with this new law.  The Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2018 sets out stipulations as to what counts as commercial pornographic content and it’s not only cash which classes as ‘commercial’ either. If the person making the content receives some kind of benefit, cash or not, then it will be classed as commercial.

There are a range of age verification systems that a website can use, each with different methods of confirming ages. Five comapanies are said to be creating different age verifcation systems: Yoti, Verime, GBG, AV Secure and AgeID.

Work Arounds

It can be quite easy to get around this block, for anyone with a bit of technical know how. Which won’t be too surprising as kids these days are growing up with computers and by their late teens know a lot more about computers than 90’s babies. VPN’s would be able to be used to circumvent these checks, by connecting to servers in other countries.

Privacy Worries

Unless you’re Google or Facebook, you wouldn’t be able to match up someones real identity with their online behaviour. It’ll be nigh on impossible. However, if people are using their real names, real emails and real credit card details, you’ll be able to to find out everyone’s taste in porn. A HUGE privacy concern.


Even though the government want to implement the porn block, it’s leaving it up the to the industry to fix the issue. One small problem is one company called MindGeek, they are developing AgeID, MindGeek own a LOT OF PORN SITES. Such as PornHub, YouPorn and RedTube.

So by giving MindGeek, via the AgeID system, everyones information, you’re letting your card company know that you’re looking at porn. Wired are reporting that AgeID’s privacy policy is limited to an email address and password, which is protected. However, a previous privacy policy stated that company could collect names, addresses, date of birth and browsing data. Furthermore MindGeek also state that the policy can be updated at any time!

Is there a good reason for a Porn Block?

Wired are reporting that the policy was launched off from the results of an NSPCC report. Which claimed that more than half of children and teenagers who accessed porn ‘stumbled’ across it. Wired quite rightly note that if children do come across porn, then it will most likely be on social media. But the legislation doesn’t cover social media.

According to Wired, the same report states that almost a tenth of 12-13yr olds were ‘addicted’ to porn. Which is shocking, which of course caught a lot of media attention. However it turns out that the research was all a bit silly. The NSPCC research was from a group called OnePoll. OnePoll are a survey firm which pays people to fill in online questionnaires. Questionnaires which pulled results like  “German men are the world’s worst lovers” and “Fifty percent of British adults think Mount Everest is in the UK”. The porn related questionnaire had a total of 11 questions, which users were told to hand over to a child. If one was available.

(WIRED 1 / 2)

For a more extensive look at how the government are looking to block porn to the UK please check out two of WIRED’s great articles here and here.

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IKEA Smart Home Invasion

When we think of smart home tech we think of the Apple’s, the Amazon’s, the Phillips’ of the world. When we say to you flat packed furniture the company that springs to mind is IKEA. IKEA smart home invasion is coming your way in 2019.

However, that soon may change in 2019, with IKEA set to become a major player in the smart home market. Wired are reporting that by playing to it’s strengths, not only in brick and mortar stores. One can assume that their displays is the perfect opportunity to show off how the tech works, before a customer buys it. But, furthermore by building inline sales and partnerships with the big boys in Sonos, Apple and Xiaomi.

Weapons in their arsenal

IKEA already have smart home kit in their Arsenal, with smart home light bulbs (TRÅDFRI) and smart electrical outlets (KADRILJ and FYRTUR) both systems are low cost and near invisible tech. They both work manually as you’d expect and automated controls. Not only that, but they also work within the main ecosystems of the three big players within this market. The Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit. If IKEA are smart enough they could put smart home tech into all aspects of the home, be that kitchen gadgets, home entertainment or garden accessories.

As you would expect IKEA are implementing the same DIY aspect of their furniture into their smart home tech.

“It is as simple to install KADRILJ and FYRTUR as all our other blinds….You can even change from an old HOPPVALS or SKOGSKLÖVER to this one, using the same bracket. This means that the customers can easily install the smart blinds themselves, a unique IKEA property.” Lena Engman, business leader home textiles at IKEA

Wired are reporting that Björn Block, business leader of IKEA Home Smart confirms that we will see more smart products in 2019. This smart home push begins with the smart blinds that are releasing in ‘some markets’. The highest profile product will be a smart speaker: SYMFONISK, this will be in collaboration with Sonos. Which, consequently, is part of a long-term Future Home Sound Project.

SYMFONISK was first teased in June last year and is expected to hit stores ‘mid to end of the year’. The smart speaker was designed to fit in to various pieces of IKEA furniture. Which not only makes sense in the home of customers but even easier for the retail powerhouse to show off it within their stores.


An outlook…

Will this foray into the Smart Home market dent the grip that the big boys have on it? Will people take IKEA seriously in the tech world? Only time will tell, but if done right IKEA have a great outlook on things, after all, we all buy our flat packed furniture from there, why not our smart home tech if it were integrated perfectly?

For a more extensive look at how IKEA are taking on the smart home market please click here to check out WIRED’s deep dive look at IKEA’s Smart Home Invasion.

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