The most loved and hated Peaky Blinders characters, according to you!

Peaky Blinders Season 5 is almost here. Our friends over at musicMagpie have analysed over 4MILLION Tweets and found out which characters we all love and hate. Plus the one’s that we simply cannot stop talking about!

Who are Peaky Blinders most loved characters?

The internets favourite character is Charlie Strong! He got 65% joyous tweets, while Tommy Shelby came in 2nd place with a total of 58% joyous tweets.

  1. Charlie Strong – 65% joyous tweets
  2. Tommy Shelby – 58% joyous tweets
  3. Grace Shelby – 56% joyous tweets
  4. Curly – 56% joyous tweets
  5. Chester Campbell – 55% joyous tweets

Who are the most hated Peaky Blinders characters?

You don’t like Linda Shelby! She took the crown as the most hated character on twitter. She recieved 35% of angry tweets! While Polly Gray took the second spot with 18% of angry tweets.

  1. Linda Shelby – 35% angry tweets
  2. Polly Gray – 18% angry tweets
  3. Esme Shelby – 18% angry tweets
  4. Ada Thorne – 16% angry tweets
  5. Lizzie Shelby – 15% angry tweets

Who are the most talked about characters?

Tommy Shelby took top spot once again, with 158,526 tweets about him. Arthur Shelby Jr came in 2nd with 46,975 mentions.

  1. Tommy Shelby – 158,526 mentions
  2. Arthur Shelby Jr – 46,975 mentions
  3. Polly Gray – 30,422 mentions
  4. Grace Shelby – 29,718 mentions
  5. Alfie Solomons – 23,556 mentions


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Which TV shows have been spoiled the most?!

We all hate our TV shows being spoiled, hence why a lot of us “mute” words on Twitter and eagerly turn off the radio or your favourite podcasts if they start discussing last nights show. Which you’re yet to watch in peace. But which shows get spoiled the most?

A new study have revealed which shows are the most spoilery. While it may not come as a surprise to most, Game of Thrones was the worst offender for spoilers.

According to musicMagpie’s research, there were 2,351,178 spoiled laden tweets. This is over the course of the shows entirety too. They discovered that The Long Night (S8, E3) which saw armies of the loving and the dead finally meet. Was the most spoiled episode of Game Of Thrones. (Can that class as a spoiler? Sorry if you haven’t seen it yet!)

Coming up in second place was The Walking Dead. With 734,794 spoiler tweets, Breaking Bad came in third with 316,833 spoiler filled tweets.

Most Spoiled Tv Shows

Interested in the rest? Well, here’s the top 10 most spoiled shows on TV:

# Show No. of spoiler tweets Most spoiled episode
1 Game of Thrones 2,351,178 S8 E3: The Long Night
2 The Walking Dead 734,794 S7 E1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
3 Breaking Bad 316,833 S5 E16: Felina
4 Doctor Who 289,126 S11 E1: The Woman Who Fell to Earth
5 Stranger Things 217,912 Season 2 Netflix Premiere (31/10/17)
6 House of Cards 137,922 Season 2 Netflix Premiere (14/2/14)
7 American Horror Story 75,574 S3 E13: The Seven Wonders
8 Westworld 50,210 S2 E1: Journey into Night
9 Hannibal 49,106 S3 E13: The Wrath of the Lamb
10 Black Mirror 45,865 Season 4 Netflix Premiere (29/12/17)

More information can be found here!


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Google Maps AR

Ever wondered how cool it would look if navigations to places just appeared right in front of you? Well that’s becoming a reality, kinda. Google is bringing augmented reality walking directions. It will be called Google Maps Live View. It is available on Android and iOS, if you have beta capabilities. We think Google Maps AR version is going to be incredible!

We first blogged on Google Maps AR when it appeared on Google’s Pixel phone’s earlier on this year. It showed real time navigation of Google Maps through your phone’s camera.

Simply hold your phone up next to the streets and your surroundings. It will then display arrows and directions overlaid on top of the camera view. Making it so much easier to get to places.

How To: Google Maps AR

So, Android owners whose devices support ARCore or iPhones which support ARKit will be able to access Google Maps Live View beta this week. You can test Google Maps Live View by:

  • Searching for a location you want to walk to or tap it on a map
  • Tap on the directions button at the bottom
  • Select walking directions at the top of the screen
  • Tap on the new Live View option at the bottom of the screen

Google is adding a whole host of new features to it’s mapping service. The tech giant want Google to be the place where you plan your trips from start to finish and is adding loads of features, this just seems to be the coolest one yet.

(The Verge)

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What Drives A Man’s Love For His Car?

What is it about men and their cars? 


You see them on a Sunday morning, spending hours cleaning, waxing, and probably caressing their vehicles on the driveway. 


You see them salivating over car ads online, planning their next purchase (even if it’s only an imaginary pipe dream of a purchase), looking at luxury sports cars akin to the Ferrari 488 showcased on Wavertree Car Centre’s classified pages. 


You see them deliberating over each and every motor at the showroom, desperately trying to reason with themselves that yes, they can afford the latest and greatest car, even if it means taking on a second or even third job to justify the purchase. 


But why? What drives a man’s love for his car?


Is it a status-symbol thing? Driving down the road in the Lexus-LX, windows rolled down so passersby can see the driver at the wheel; it’s almost as if the guy behind the wheel is shouting ‘look at me.’ The bigger and more expensive the car, the better. A man’s car can signify that he has made it in the world. It can give the guy a sense of coolness that he might not achieve in other aspects of his life. A car can grant him kudos from his peers, and quite possibly, it can elevate his self-esteem, even if it does become more inflated than his newly-purchased tyres.


Is it a tech thing? Not only do guys love their cars, but many of them are tech-heads as well. And because today’s cars are stocked with the latest technologies, getting behind the wheel of a gadget-laden car must be akin to every guy’s wet dream. From the latest in sound system technology to more practical features, such as dashcams and digital assistants, it’s little wonder that men spend a lot of time behind the wheel. There is a lot to play and fiddle with! 


Is it a freedom thing? Life is stressful, right? Perhaps then, a guy loves nothing more than getting behind the wheel of his car to escape those aspects of his life that are getting him down. With nothing but the open road ahead of him, he has the freedom to escape life’s trials and tribulations. He is in control of the drive, with nobody telling him what to do or where to go. And if his car does elevate his self-esteem, and if it is laden with the latest and greatest in-car accessories, then he will instantly feel better about his life within the safe confines of his motor. He is free to be himself as he takes the freedom of the open road, without the pressures or criticisms of others. 


Are these the factors that drive a man’s love for his car? Maybe, and perhaps you can relate to what we have suggested. Or maybe there are other reasons why you spend a lot of time with your car, be that behind the wheel or caressing it on a Sunday morning with a loving wax and polish. We don’t know how you feel about your motor, but we do know this. Men do love their cars, and if you can shed any further light on why, please feel free to share in the comments section below. 

Marcus on BBC Radio London! (VIDEO)


Recently Marcus was invited to BBC Radio London to friend of the podcast, Aurie Styla’s show #TheScene! They discussed a lot of things such as The Switch, #NewPhoneWhoDis, The Rizen: Possession, and of course, How To Kill An Hour! Many thanks to BBC Radio London for having us on!

BBC Radio London Guests

Also on the show, was friend of the show, Travis Jay you can listen back to our show with him by clicking here! Sophie Tea was also on the show talking about her artwork! You can view her artwork by clicking here!


Don’t Forget about The Switch! 

The Switch is featured in a brand new podcast competition that is on the look out for the best upcoming podcasting talent. It’s called LaunchPod and Marcus’ podcast The Switch has been shortlisted. Fingers crossed that we win! The Switch – Marcus Bronzy

Marcus’ podcast finds human stories in the world of technology, focusing on the people who are using tech to “switch things up” in the world we live in, and the way tech affects our everyday lives. Marcus is a TV, radio and podcast presenter and producer.


So, LaunchPod’s a super cool initiative which gives people the chance to create podcasts and share them with a much wider audience with Acast/WiseBuddahs help! You can listen to Marcus’ BBC Radio London show with Aurie by clicking here!

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5 Fun Ways To Make Money Online

There are lots of ways to make money online. Some of these aren’t so fun and will only make you a couple bucks – these include the likes of paid surveys and virtual assistant work. However, other ways of making money can be very fun and can be very profitable. Here are just five examples of fun ways to make money.

Try matched betting

Matched betting is a strategic way of making money through gambling sites. Whilst traditionally gambling is all down to luck, matched betting is a more certain way to make money and involves taking advantage of betting sites that offer free bets. Using free bets, it’s possible to bet both sides on a match and never lose. You’ll find free bets advertised across the internet such as this William Hill offer. It’s worth doing a bit of research on matched betting before you start to maximise your earnings.

Make money playing fantasy sports

It’s also possible to make money playing fantasy sports. In fact, some people have got rich off the back of fantasy sports teams. Such games allow you to build your own fantasy sports teams and play in leagues against other players’ teams. There are paid leagues out there – which is where the potential to earn big is. The likes of Fan Duel are some of the easiest to earn money from as a beginner, plus these platforms allow you to bet over outcomes of fantasy leagues.

Start a blog/vlog

You may also be able to make money by starting a blog or a vlog. By writing about things that you’re passionate about or creating videos on topics that interest you, you may be able to amass enough readers or viewers to then monetise your blog or vlog (this involves displays ads on your posts or videos, which you then get revenue from every time someone clicks on these ads). There are simpler ways to make money through blogging and vlogging including accepting sponsored content, which many bloggers and vloggers do.

Sell your own crafts online

If you like making crafts of any kind, you may be able to start up a business making and selling these items online. The likes of Etsy are popular platforms for selling crafts ranging from handmade clothes to handmade carpentry. Whilst you can sell crafts locally, selling online allows you to access a worldwide audience of buyers interested in DIY crafts.

Run a company’s social media account

If you love social media, you could consider running a company’s social media accounts for cash. Many businesses outsource their social media. In the case of large companies, this can be a full-time job with a good salary. In the case of smaller companies, you may be able to manage their social media as a side hustle. Taking a social media marketing course be handy when considering this as a career.


Planning A Roadtrip? Check These Things Before You Go

Taking a trip can be really exciting, but if you are out and about, midway into a journey and your car breaks down, things can take a turn for the worst, the fun can be lost, and you can spend a lot of time and money sorting things out. In order to minimise the chances of this happening it is essential to check your car is road trip ready before you even set out.

Check the basics

Before you plan to take a more extended trip, you should always check your air, oil and water. These three tasks can quickly be learned, and you should ensure that for the oil and water checks you have parked on a flat hard standing rather than on a slope as this could give a false reading. Your handbook should tell you what tyre pressures you should be running, and most garages have access to airlines for about twenty pence.

Get your car serviced

Make sure you have been keeping up with servicing on your car, and if you are planning an unusually long journey consider booking a service anyway. This gives you peace of mind that your vehicle has been checked by a professional and if you are unsure about things like oil and water they can check this for you. Failure to serve a car regularly can mean a minor issue is not spotted and over time it deteriorates into a costly job that could have been avoided.

Tyres: Fittings, repair and maintenance

As well as checking the air in your tyres you should also be keeping an eye on the overall quality. Treads have a legal minimum limit, after which the tyre becomes dangerous and could fail to react when braking, or steering sharply. It also means that the rubber has worn away and this can leave the tyre more at risk of punctures or worse, a blowout, which can leave the car uncontrollable and cause an accident. Tyres should be regularly checked for nails, stones and other debris in the treads, and it is vital you have a spare tyre on board, the spare wheel is often only suitable to get you back to proper help, but some vehicles carry a full road legal spare. Even if you’re road-tripping to Scotland and need an emergency repair or replacement, you can get good quality servicing and repairs at places such as C.H. Render.

How to save money

The best way to save money when it comes to cars and road trips is to have breakdown cover should the worst happen. It can be really expensive to get your vehicle towed or repaired at the side of the road if you are not a member of a breakdown service. Check the level of cover and compare it with the journey you are going to make.

The bottom line is that being prepared for road trips is a case of being proactive, not reactive. If you carry out a range of checks and ensure that your vehicle is maintained all year round, you are less likely to have problems when heading out for a longer trip. Being reactive is not only disruptive it can also be hard on the wallet so keeping on top of basic maintenance makes a lot of sense.


Benro 3XS Lite

Don’t Know Your ABC From Your OEM? Technical Car Terms You Might Want To Know

Heading to the mechanics is one of those things in life that can be intimidating, nerve-wracking,
and financially draining at the same time. When heading to the mechanics, the main concern is that they can pull your car in for seemingly trivial reasons. But when you head to the mechanic, one of the ways that you can get one up on them is by knowing your terminology. So if the car needs to go into the shop soon, perhaps you should arm your lexicon with a few of these terms…


Drag Coefficient

Fuel economy is one of those things that is on everyone’s lips, especially if you are buying a used vehicle. While you could go to car dealerships and really get to grips with the fuel economy of a vehicle, and they talk about all the cars being better, you can always bring this term into play. In essence, it refers to the amount of air resistance that a car will get while being in motion. This factors into a car’s fuel economy. The less drag coefficient your car has, the better MPH it gets.



Car sellers like Affordable Cars need to keep on their toes in terms of terminology, so you could throw this one into the mix! Standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer, this is vital when purchasing a used car. This term refers to the fact that it is an original part from the maker, not any other marketplace thereafter. If you are looking for a used car, that has been pieced back together, you could question the OEM. 



A, B, C Pillars

If you ever look to buy a used car, this is in relation to the divisions between the car windows. The A-pillar is each side of the windshield, the B-pillar is between the driver and passenger windows, and the C-pillar is towards the rear of the vehicle.


Brake Bias

It’s actually not what you think. This is nothing to do with brakes in a technical sense. It’s to do with the diamond distribution of braking power. So it could either be at the front of the car or the rear. When there’s an issue with the mechanic, you could very well question this and sound like you know what you’re talking about!



This is the setting depending on which direction a wheel tilts. When visiting a mechanic, or buying a used car, depending on the camber setting, it results in a different feel to the vehicle. It’s possible to have the setting adjusted based on your own unique preference. But beware, setting your camber in a certain way can cause the tire to wear down over time.


Bed-In Brake Pads

As cozy as this term sounds, it’s to do with brake pads requiring a “bed-in” process. This improves their brake performance. This is done by putting a layer of transfer film between the rotor and the pads. Installing new brake pads is vital for the safety of any vehicle, and if you need to get new brake pads it’s worth checking if the pads need a bed-in process.