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Narcos on Netflix

Narcos is the programme that everyone is talking about and Season 2 started recently which Funk Butcher has been fully engrossed in and has been trying to get Marcus Bronzy involved in with little joy, however on this weeks show Marcus may have been persuaded to give Narcos another go! The programme is created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo […]

Bestival Festival App

Funk Butcher recently DJ’d at Bestival and had the time of his life, he even sipped a bit of Jaegermister (Funk doesn’t drink) and while he was there he downloaded the Bestival App which helped him out a lot! What is the Bestival App, will I even be able to use it with phone signals […]

Apple Store App!

The Apple Store app is basically the Apple Store we all know and love but on your phone, you can do a bunch of stuff like buy your shiny new iPhone 7 a case, purchase those really cool new Air Pods, buy a brand new Macbook Pro and even reserve your place at a workshop in […]


  This week Marcus got to test out Sugru, an extraordinary, amazing, incredible (do you know we like this stuff yet?) Moldable glue. Yes you read that correctly moldable.  It can stick permanently to stuff like ceramics, glass, metal and most plastics. All you got to do is push and mould it on to whatever it […]

Stickman Battlefields!

Despite the name of it being “Stickman” the graphics and textures in this game are actually really good, as the name states its basically a shooting game with stickmen. Just pick your favourite weapons and explosives and go out there and destroy other stickmen or targets in glorious high dynamic landscapes be that a forest […]