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Jason Bourne Film

Here at How To Kill An Hour we don’t mind a film or two when deciding to kill an hour away from the podcast and working. If you don’t know “Jason Bourne” is the 5th installment of the Bourne series (4th if you don’t include the Jeremy Renner sequel) directed by Paul Greengrass with Matt […]

Kill A Bit: Hocus

We at How To Kill An Hour don’t mind doing things that make us think and rattle that grey matter in our heads that we call brains, much like our frequent trips to escape rooms. Marcus has found an app that makes us think about more than what we are having for dinner that evening. Hocus […]

Funny Call App

  Here at How To Kill An Hour  we are partial to a prank or two and Marcus Bronzy recently decided to prank us all and downloaded an app called Funny Call by VoiceMod. It is a voice changer app that requires no external hardware or for you to get a new SIM card. Just […]

Dildo Hoverboard!

@WhoIsTheBaldGuy is back at it again! From the guy who brought you the Dildo Drone and the Dildo Selfie Stick it’s basically a hoverboard (*cough* *Cough* Segway *Cough* *Cough*) with a rotating dildo attachment. There’s nothing much else to say really apart from watch the video and then to hear the guys thoughts on it!

PowerWall by Tesla

Here at How To Kill An Hour we came across this really cool new product from Tesla called the Powerwall What the Powerwall basically is, is a massive battery for your home. It’s automated and compact so it’s not an eye sore and is super easy to install. The Powerwall is really cool in that it charges […]

SWISSGEAR 15inch Notebook Bag!

  Funk Butcher recently was on the hunt for a new durable bag and discovered the SWISSGEAR 15inch notebook bag. It’s hard wearing and really durable, and holds A LOT of stuff. Funk even said himself that it could hold roughly up to 2 weeks worth of clothing. Whether or not that holds true is […]

Championship Manager 2017!

Football season has started again and we’re really excited! Funk Butcher recently gave his thoughts on the game in EP 52 of How To Kill An Hour  “Dildo Hoverboard” and gave it a stellar review! So don’t miss out! It’s FREE afterall! You can choose from a load of clubs to start your managerial career, over […]