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Our Prayers have been answered, Obi Wan is our only hope and he’s here in the form of Microsoft Holoportation! Microsoft have invented Virtual Reality Video Calling whereby users “teleport” to another persons room. By utilising Microsofts VR technology Hololens, users are displayed a hologram in other persons room, interacting with objects as if they […]

Pigeon Patrol

Those flying rats are coming in useful for once, rather that sh****ng all over the place! Air-monitoring company Plume Labs has strapped air-quality sensors to Flying Rats aka Pigeons to monitor the pollution in the air which me and you breathe on a daily basis to then send back data on just how much damage is […]

Invisibility Maybe!

We’ve been getting closer and closer to real life invisibility cloaks for a while now, – but we’re not just quite Harry Potter – yet. There has been an advancement in a special type of material from Iowa State University which guards whatever its placed on from Cameras – you’ll still be seen via the […]

Anonymous War!

Whatever you do boys, do not p*ss off Anonymous. They will come for you and they will come HARD! (That does not sound right) Anonymous have announced a war on international dick-head Donald Trump – again. First time when they posted a message to the candidate in 2015 regarding his comments concerning Muslims. They hope […]

Forever Charged!

Keep those Tinder sessions going boys, our batteries are going to last forever! No matter what we do to preserve our battery, low brightness, vibrate, turning off apps, nothing can be done to really make your battery last just that little bit extra! BUT! Researchers from Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea […]

Mac Hack!

Well it looks like Pandoras Box can be opened! Nothing is sacred anymore! Malware that holds you to ransom has successfully targeted Macs for the first time. KeRangers Malware was hidden in a version of a BitTorrent Client Called Transmission – which has since had its developers’ certificate revoked. Which means infected software if downloaded […]

Nokia – You Lose!

  Everyone’s first love soon comes to an end. *Most of the time* After Nokia (who used to be the BIGGEST DOG IN THE PARK, everyone knew what the nokia ringtone was, everyone had a Nokia, didnt matter what style it was, everyone had a Nokia) got bought out by Microsoft their CEO said this: “we […]

Lazy get lazier!

CHAIRS THAT TIDY THEMSELVES AWAY! Yes you heard me, how cool is that?! We can now get fatter even quicker, Wall – E was right! NISSAN and chair firm Okamura have developed office chairs that can tidy themselves away, activated by clapping, however the companies have no plans to sell the technology just yet. Cameras […]

Never Trust A Robot

  I’d never thought I’d be saying this, but Will Smith was right all along. NEVER TRUST A ROBOT! A test was carried out at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to see how we as humans trust robots with our safety in potentially life threatening situations. 30 unsupecting victims started out this test by following the slimeball […]

Oral Genius!

Again lads, calm down its not what you think (although that would be pretty sweet no?) Oral B ( the MASSIVE toothbrush company) have made an even smarter toothbrush – Oral B Genius. It has a location tracker (If I lose my brush I can find it!) , a timer (Bet I can brush my […]