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Forever Charged!

Keep those Tinder sessions going boys, our batteries are going to last forever! No matter what we do to preserve our battery, low brightness, vibrate, turning off apps, nothing can be done to really make your battery last just that little bit extra! BUT! Researchers from Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea […]

Mac Hack!

Well it looks like Pandoras Box can be opened! Nothing is sacred anymore! Malware that holds you to ransom has successfully targeted Macs for the first time. KeRangers Malware was hidden in a version of a BitTorrent Client Called Transmission – which has since had its developers’ certificate revoked. Which means infected software if downloaded […]

Nokia – You Lose!

  Everyone’s first love soon comes to an end. *Most of the time* After Nokia (who used to be the BIGGEST DOG IN THE PARK, everyone knew what the nokia ringtone was, everyone had a Nokia, didnt matter what style it was, everyone had a Nokia) got bought out by Microsoft their CEO said this: “we […]

Lazy get lazier!

CHAIRS THAT TIDY THEMSELVES AWAY! Yes you heard me, how cool is that?! We can now get fatter even quicker, Wall – E was right! NISSAN and chair firm Okamura have developed office chairs that can tidy themselves away, activated by clapping, however the companies have no plans to sell the technology just yet. Cameras […]

Never Trust A Robot

  I’d never thought I’d be saying this, but Will Smith was right all along. NEVER TRUST A ROBOT! A test was carried out at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to see how we as humans trust robots with our safety in potentially life threatening situations. 30 unsupecting victims started out this test by following the slimeball […]

Oral Genius!

Again lads, calm down its not what you think (although that would be pretty sweet no?) Oral B ( the MASSIVE toothbrush company) have made an even smarter toothbrush – Oral B Genius. It has a location tracker (If I lose my brush I can find it!) , a timer (Bet I can brush my […]

Twitter Troll Squad

The internet wouldnt be the internet without Trolls! However, Trolls can step over the mark and  Twitter is a breeding ground for them and their going to be doing something about it, announcing the “Twitter Trust & Safety Council” Twitters troll squad has 40 companies including safety advocates and academics will help to make people feel […]

We’re evolving!

  We are going to be like Wolverine, sling webs like Spiderman, shoot lasers out your eyes like Cyclops?! No? We’re not? Am I getting ahead of myself?  Well we actually are evolving but not as I’d like because….. We drink Milk!! Historically we didn’t drink milk, gene inside us that regulated humans ability to digest […]

Crash Proof Drone!

Ever had that clumsy friend or driver that’s always falling into things? Well now there’s a solution! Only catch is they haven’t developed the same technology for use on humans. So we got to wait. Seriously though a drone has been developed that is crash proof! Its made by “Flyability” a Swiss company, and they’ve […]

North Korea’s Hangover Free!

There is a God! No more hangovers equals more partying. Only thing that is left is male contraceptive pills and free money! The state newspaper Pyongyang Time (great start) says the “suave” liquor will spare you holding your head up when you wake and dragging your sorry ass over the porcelain throne, that surprisingly is despite […]