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4 Must-Listen Podcasts For All The Car Enthusiasts Out There

Car enthusiasts love chatting about their pride and joy, whether it’s a new catback exhaust system or the latest suspension mod. With these five awesome podcasts, now you can listen to other people chat about cars all day too!   1 . Gears & Beers Grab yourself a beverage and join car lovers Joseph, Matt […]

How To Prevent Eye Strain During Marathon Gaming Sessions

After a marathon gaming session, your eyes can get sore and irritated and some people even get headaches. There are a lot of people out there that will tell you that means you’re gaming too much and you should try to cut back a bit. But if you’re an avid gamer, you probably don’t want […]

How to Choose Your Perfect Car

If you are looking for a new set of wheels, then you have come to the right place! Choosing a car is such a personal decision, so instead of choosing just any vehicle, why not ensure that you are choosing your perfect car instead?   Finding a perfect car can take a little more time […]

Conventions: What’s The Deal?

  In life, we’re always going to experience different things. And that’s the fun of it. Our careers and interests are always going to be different – and that can be fantastic. However, at the same time, we may find that we have the same interests as other people. That’s definitely very natural. And when […]

Important Safety Features Your Car Should Have

A car is one of the greatest assets you can ever own. It helps you move from one place to another efficiently. However, you should ensure that the car you purchase has advanced safety features. While all vehicles have some factory-fitted safety features, it is always advisable that you check all of them and buy […]

Axle Back vs Catback Exhaust Systems

So you’re looking to get yourself an aftermarket exhaust system on your car? It’s an exciting decision for any car lover, but where should you begin? Two of the most popular aftermarket exhaust systems are the catback and the axle. To help you make a decision, let’s break down the ins and outs of each […]

Polaroid Mint Instant – Print your Selfies!

#WhatsInTheBox – Polaroid Mint Instant The Polaroid Mint Instant is a traditional camera which has been turned on its head! With this fantastic little device, which has been vertically designed, especially for Polaroid pictures. You can print your selfies. Instantly! All in 60 seconds! Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 16 January […]

Legendary Guy’s Night Ideas You Need

A night with the guys. It’s a night for fun, laughing, banter, and drinks, and it has to be one that everyone can remember. It doesn’t have to be a bachelor’s night out for single guys in your circle. You can invite all the guys and have a night to remember – no limits!   […]