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The Ways To Look After Your WFH Team

Covid-19 has changed the way that many people work. More people than ever are now working from home and it looks as though it is something that is going to stick around. Many businesses are now offering working from home as a permanent option, and people are happy about it.  From lower business running costs […]

4 Car Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Thorough car maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your car and ensure its reliability. However, you may have developed some bad habits after using your car for lengthy periods. These habits may be so bad they can cost you loads of cash one day. That said, there are some car maintenance mistakes you can avoid […]

Buying A Car In 2021: A Primer

Everything has been a bit weird recently because of the pandemic, and that includes buying a car! After all, we haven’t been able to head to the dealership and get a test drive for a while. The good news is that things are (cautiously) beginning to get back to normal, something that means it’s a […]

Top Automotive Tech Trends To Watch Out For

  Following the accelerated digitization of the global economy, the automobile industry is gearing up to witness enormous changes moving forward. For years, the automotive industry has been a sector that welcomes innovations, including disruptive technologies. Artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things are a few breakthroughs that are poised to shake up […]

To Buy Refurbished?

Technologies are changing and evolving and the price tag to keep up with the latest gadgets and best tech can be staggering or out of budget.    So, when shopping around you may see the same for example the same Apple watch series 6 being sold second-hand for a fraction of the price. This sounds […]

Tips to Ride a Motorcycle in the Mountains

Riding a motorcycle in the mountains is more challenging than on a flat surface. Compared to flat surfaces where you ride, turn, and brake usually, riding in the mountains is more strenuous and requires special skills.   One critical skill you need to ride in mountainous areas is the proper use of brakes. Your tires’ […]

What Do We Want From The Car Sector Of The Future?

Hello, 2021! We had so many dreams about you when we were growing up. Will there be flying cars like in the Fifth Element? Will I need a driving licence or a flying one to use my car?  Well, it turns out that 2021 hasn’t quite delivered the flying cars of our dreams. The surge […]