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Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Become a Jedi

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Feel The Force! Star Wars Jedi Challenges is the piece of tech for all Star Wars fans in 2018. With the help of augmented reality you’ll be transported into the Star Wars universe! There’s an array of cool VR/AR tech coming to our homes in the coming weeks and months! However, this has […]

Apple slows down iPhones

In what wasn’t a surprise to anyone Apple slows down iPhones. Old iPhones specifically. The reason that Apple disclosed to the public is because the batteries in old iphones are “less capable of delivering peak energy loads.”  If they let it run at full capacity it would run hotter and cause damage to other components […]

Will we see whisper Siri soon?

Apple have filed a patent for a “a digital assistant that is capable of detecting a whispered speech input and providing a whispered speech response.” Basically Siri that whispers back to you if you whisper to it. This may be Apple’s attempt at making it’s AI assistants to become more ‘human.’ As a result less awkward […]

Rainbrow: Gaming with your eyebrows?

So, that shiny new iPhone X you have got? The one where animoji’s where cool for all of a week? It has a new use for the front facing camera! Your eyebrows! Introducing Rainbrow! What about them? So, you can now use them to play a game of Frogger. Well technically. Rainbrow is a brand new […]

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift may not be the most affordable virtual reality kits out there on the market. But it is definitely one of the most powerful. Also the fact that it runs on gaming PC’s means that there is a plethora of applications available for it! So, your limits are as far as your imagination! While […]

PS VR – The most affordable VR?

First of all, Playstation are the first on to the scene with Virtual Reality for home consoles in the form of PS VR! What a joy it is as well! We feel that VR (Virtual Reality) along with AR (Augmented Reality) is going to be the next big thing in home entertainment and the PS […]

How To Stay Warm With Polar Seal Heated Tops!

Staying Warm With Polar Seal Heated Tops Our clothing is even smart now and we cannot wait to check them out! Do you ever feel really cold, but it’s too cold for a big coat, yet too warm for a jumper? Take a look at Polar Seal Heated Tops. Polar Seal Heated Tops are clothing […]

Hyperkin SmartBoy – Smartphone Gameboy!

Hyperkin Smartboy This is the Hyperkin Smartboy, the easily and quickly way to change your smartphone into a retro gameboy! SmartBoy Turn your Samsung into a Gameboy with the SmartBoy by Hyperkin. Music Credit: Mate Lyons – Instrumental Hip Hop soundcloud.com/lyonsss/instrumental-hip-hop Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 10 August 2017 There is […]