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The NEW Ford Mustang Mach-E

  The New Mustang – Hands on / 8 Great things about it! We got an exclusive hands on with the Ford Mustang Mach – E at it's launch event in LA.Here are 8 great things about the vehicle that is the spear head of the future of Ford's and Mustangs EV Adventure! Posted by […]

Get Yourself A Car That Will Survive The Winter

    The thought of getting a new car is so exciting to the majority of us. It’s like getting a new toy that we never have to give back, will probably not break on us for the next couple of years, and allows us to have some new fun. It’s like getting a new […]

Google Pixel 4 – Astrophotography

We recently attended a one off urban astrophotography event hosted by Google. All to highlight Google Pixel 4 Astrophotography! We headed up to The Shard and headed out to “The View” and took some incredible shots. The iconic London building even shut off all of the lights for us! They turned off the lights for […]

Need A New Car? These Top Tips Should Help You Decide

There comes a time in life when you have to put down your electric scooter and upgrade to something a bit more substantial to get you from A to B. Getting a new car is one of the most rewarding ventures, and choosing one that fits your own specific needs couldn’t be simpler. Following a […]

Mavic Mini – A Vloggers Dream!

  DJI Introducing Mavic Mini This is a MUST for all filmmakers! DJI Mavic Mini! Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 31 October 2019   DJI have released their latest drone. However, this time it’s small. Very small. The foldable Mavic Mini is the lightest and smallest model that DJI have released. […]

AirPods Pro – Music To Your Ears

  AirPods Go Pro Airpods Go Pro! Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 29 October 2019   The AirPods Pro are here and they offer noise cancellation and hands-free access to Siri for $249. There was a bunch of design changes as the stems are shorter, there’s silicone tips to offer a […]

What Technology Is Popular In Cars Right Now

A car can simply serve its purpose of getting you from A to B, or it makes commuting to work a lot more stress-free, and there’s not a chance you’ll have to spend your time under someone’s armpit on a cramped train. However, all cars have a certain amount of technology that makes driving that […]

How Do You Find A Vehicle That Fits Your Personality?

Many of us, usually in the midst of our childhoods, have once dreamt about owning our own vehicle that is not simply ours in ownership, but resembles our personality to some degree. A car such as Knight Rider, with a voiced AI, a cool color scheme that is in no way ostentatious and a few […]

Top 5 Facts About Online Gaming

Since the first video game was released in 1958, the popularity of online gaming has rapidly increased. A million-dollar industry, it has developed into a staple of modern culture.    There are many reasons as to why people play video games. From escapism to gaining a sense of community, it opens up a gamer’s imagination […]

How To Best Avoid The Depreciation Of Your Motor

Depreciation is a sad word to hear for any car enthusiast. Unfortunately, when you buy a brand spanking new vehicle, it starts to depreciate at a crazy rate the minute that you get behind the wheel. In the first few years, it’s estimated that new cars can lose up to half their value. Never fear, […]