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Nuki Smart Lock – Control your locks from anywhere!

Nuki Smart Lock – Safe and Smart? The Nuki Smart Lock is here to revolutionise the home! Everything is going SMART in your home and there is going to be a smart revolution going to take over our homes in the coming months and years.Firstly we feel that 2018 will be the year that the […]

ShredMate Moutain Bike Computer

The ShredMate is a really cool mini computer for all the mountain bike enthusiasts out there. The ShredMate easily and quickly connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and tracks your ride. Simply attach the device to your bike via the forks and the magnet on the wheel. Then allow it to track a whole library […]

Ockel Sirius B – A Tiny Supercomputer!

Computers are getting seriously fast these days. Also they’re getting seriously small! Hence it’s appropriate to be excited about the Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry. We think that this little device is absolutely incredible! The Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry will turn any television or computer monitor into a smart media powerhouse. Access Netflix or […]

Microsoft Hololens bringing Yu Gi Oh to real life!

Yu Gi Oh In Real Life! Yu Gi Oh is about to invade our lives, our real lives and it’s all thanks to Microsoft Hololens! Yu-Gi-Oh! in Augmented Reality Tag a mate who would play this! Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 9 August 2017 Yu Gi Oh is entering the world […]

AirBuddy – An easier way to Scuba!

Airbuddy – A Scuba revolution? The AirBuddy is a small rechargeable device that allows you to Scuba dive without the need for the huge tanks!. It’s a device invented to make Scuba diving a ‘grab and go’ sport. Since diving traditionally is seen as a sport that requires lots of prep and logistics. You generally […]

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

    iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera It’s fair to say that the iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL camera conversation is one that is due to dominate in the last quarter of 2017.  There are many differences between the iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL In this post we […]

Insta360 ONE – The 360 Degree Super Camera

Insta360 One The Insta360 One is a 4k 360 degree camera which is absolutely incredible! It shoots in 4k both video and photos at 24MP! You can use the Insta360 One as a standalone device, remote control via Bluetooth or via a direct connection to a smartphone! Insta360 ONE Check out the Insta360 ONE! Record […]

Cozmo – Big Brain, Personality and SMART!

Cozmo – Big Brain. Big Personality. SUPER Computer.     We have reviewed some gadgets by Anki before and we were very impressed with what they had on offer. The upgraded, modernised version of scalextric, Anki Overdrive. Now they’ve moved into personal robots and introduced a tiny little robot called Cozmo. Don’t be fooled by it’s […]

AR Ping Pong is here! Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong

Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong! We recently attended Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong a facility where you can listen to great music and eat glorious food! (side note: the wings/nachos are absolutely incredible, as a result, the whole team got through them in minutes!) and play ping pong with one another. There’s a twist in Bounce’s Ping […]