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Wearables are getting more and more commonplace these days and companies are finding smarter ways to intergrate technology into the things that we already own or wear such as glasses, bracelets, necklaces and now our rings are getting the smart treatment. Introducing the Orii, a smart ring that can read you your messages, sends messages […]


The STIKBOX is a selfie stick and phone case in one, simply fold up, twist the phone sideways take your selfie and then fold back down again, simple! It’s sleek and doesn’t protrude outside of the case and make it big and bulky when not in use. Plus the case can also act as a […]

Thodio Bluetooth Speakers

These bluetooth speakers not only look the part but they also sound the part! They are from Thodio and all of their range comes with HUGE speakers which out put LOUD, THUMPING BASS, which we are sure the neighbours will absolutely love you for! With the 2017 flagship product called the Thodio .50 cal A-Box […]

Hexa Robot

HEXA is a brand new 6 legged highly maneuverable compact robot that comes complete with a ton of sensors, when companioned with the MIND robotics OS/SDK it allows users, even if they aren’t complete computing whizz’s, they can create interesting robotic functions with HEXA.The robots optical and spatial sensors allow it to watch and learn […]

Gemini Magnetic Speaker

These magnetic speakers are designed to give you full 360 degree sound wherever you are, even without magnetic surfaces around with the aid of stickable magnetic plates, so there’s no excuse to not get the party started wherever you are! The speakers are equipped with True Wireless Stereo technology allowing each speaker to be connected […]

Sleep Number

The Sleep Number is an INCREDIBLE smart bed that allows you to do a whole bunch of really cool things such as changing the temperature of just your side of the bed, snore detection and adjustment to prevent/reduce snoring and much much more! Don't know about you but this sounds incredible! Posted by How To […]

Star Wars littleBits

You can now build your very own R2 with the littleBits electronic blocks and the companion inventor app, you’ll be able to teach your very own R2 tricks and take on 16+ Missions! The Droid Inventor Kit is very easy to use straight out of the box with initial assembly easy to understand for kids […]

DIY Powerwalls

There is a new way to get more power into your home and the people of the internet are going up against Tesla in the world of POWERWALLS! Apparently a lot and we mean A LOT, of batteries aren’t being recycled, which accounts for a lot of unaccounted for power going to waste. So why […]