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Is FIFA The Greatest Sports Video Game Ever Made?

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or two, you can’t have failed to notice the domination of the FIFA franchise when it comes to soccer video games. From the lowly Nintendo 64 all the way up to the exquisite Xbox with its online gaming, FIFA has been the stalwart of sports gameplay. But is it the best ever? There have been plenty of games that have emerged in the meantime, with basketball, ice hockey, the Olympics, and tennis all making a play for the best sports video game. Even Mario has tried to muscle in on the sports video game action. So which is the best? Let’s take a look.



The FIFA video games are epic. Every year the new season is released, players choose to camp outside stores to be the first to experience the enhanced ball control, less clunky graphics and momentous gameplay. With the recent explosion of online gameplay, the game has taken on a whole new dimension. While watching the replays of Ronaldinho’s free kicks was the highlight of FIFA 07, now you can click here to purchase FIFA coins, play against individuals from across the globe, and even manage your favorite teams, heading to the transfer market and perfecting your dream team. You can play in a league, you can venture to the World Cup or you can just have a kickabout. An awesome game!


NBA Street

For the ultimate in fun gameplay, NBA Street takes some beating. With quirky characters, a cartoon style graphic and smooth gameplay, the flexibility of this basketball game meant that you really had to learn the expert moves to get your slam dunks flowing. Three pointers were hard to come by, but if you managed to unlock Stretch, your team would be enhanced to the point where his afro could boost the morale of your team. The moves were cool, the soundtrack was epic, and you would spend your youth trying to perfect the dribble techniques in your back garden. This is an experience for those who yearn for a simpler and more straightforward fun sort of game.


SSX Tricky

Snowboarding had never been so cool in 2001. The winter sport phenomenon was just taking off, and salopettes were being replaced with cooler winter gear. SSX Tricky allowed you to choose your character and embark on a race or a simple trick practice course. Accruing points gave you the gameplay buzz you needed with jumps, flips and spins creating epic moves on the powder. If you enjoy bright graphics, and a simple formula for fun, SSX Tricky was your sort of game.


Punch Out

No sports game list would be complete without a clunky classic from Nintendo. This boxing game was ridiculously simple and a bit of a free for all hitting the A button on your NES control pad as fast as you could, but it was great family fun. The Indian boxer had a tiger as a coach, so the game wasn’t hugely politically correct. But it was of its time and a huge forerunner to the boxing games of the twenty first century.

FIFA probably has the edge over its rivals, purely for longevity if nothing else, but there are plenty of epic sports video games worthy of a replay.



Swipe Delete – The Music Video!

Houseology’s Swipe Delete has been out for a little while and we are all loving it! However, there is now an incredible music video to go along with it as well. We think that this is a wonderful piece of work from both our own Funk Butcher and Swiss from So Solid Crew. While the video is a bit of fun and they’re all dressed up to portray an older generation. The song quite rightly begs the question. Are we addicted to social media?

What is Swipe Delete?

It’s brand new dance track from Funk Butcher and Swiss that is blowing up on the socials! Not only that it has got a lot of mainstream love! Including BBC Radio 1’s DJ Target playing the dance track on his show recently.  Furthermore to that, Kiss Fm DJ Majestic has given some love to Funk and Swiss’s Swipe Delete stating that he feels as though it will be a HUGE Summer anthem. Consequently that it will be an instant hit amongst audiences:

Swipe Delete majestic

Follow Funk Butcher: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Follow Swiss: Twitter  / Instagram

Listen to Swipe Delete in full here: Apple Music / Spotify

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Poo Debate v2. Scrunch Vs Fold

We’ve had the after poo wipe etiquette stand up / sit down debate. Now its’ time for the Scrunch of Fold debate! More poo stories from How To Kill An Hour!

This is from a Huffington Post story and the Scrunch vs Fold debate began on Mumsnet. What is Scrunch vs Fold I hear you ask. Well, it relates to the way that one uses the toilet paper before wiping. This one user stated that she scrunches whilst her husband folds.

The user explained that her husbands colleague had to call up a plumber because of a blockage. The plumber blamed scrunched up loo roll for the blockage. Her husband then reminded her that all toilet roll must be folded. Consequently after finding out that his wife is a scruncher, he asked her how her average sheet usage! haha!

The thread unfolded into a whole range of questions and statements with one scruncher stating that: “Scrunching gives you a thicker wodge to wipe with. Folding means the paper is thinner and your fingers are more likely to tear through it.” Bringing with it a risk of “poopy fingers”.

Another scruncher proclaimed: “But surely folded paper doesn’t give you the ‘roughness’ to clean properly? Also scrunching uses less paper!”

Much like the standers in the stand up / sit down debate there were few in the folding camp: “I’ve never understood scrunching. It’s just so weird!” exclaimed one person. “Why would anyone think scrunching was the best way to wipe?”

“I just don’t understand scrunching, how can you get a properly clean backside with scrunched up loo roll?” another asked.

We even have some flip floppers who dared to switch sides! This is almost as ghastly as Arsenal fan switching to Tottenham or Manchester United fan switching to Liverpool!  “I used to scrunch, but now I fold…Not sure why I changed.”

But wait. THERE’S MORE!

One person admitted something we never thought existed. I mean, folding and scrunching is believable enough. But this person does something weird! “he tears off one single square bit by bit and wipes his bum with one single square”.

This debate is even more volcanic than the stand up sit down discussion. After one user suggested to use a baby wipe and put in the bin. Then there were debates of whether a drain could actually be blocked by scrunched roll. With one plumber allegedly suggesting to a user to buy cheap roll as it’s thin!

While this may seem preoposterous, according to Plumb Jet, too much roll being used and flushed in a single use can be at fault for a blockage. Furthermore some toilet roll does in fact dissolve quicker than others. So they may have a point after all.

I’m not sure if we should start asking guests this one alongside the stand up sit down debate. (It will not die!) – or shall we…..?

(Huffington Post)

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Hipsters. The look all the same. Or do they?

All hipsters look the same, don’t they? Big Beards, often shaped, plaid shirts, rolled up trousers, Doc Martins. That’s what one guy unwittingly confirmed – kinda.

One man threatened to sue a technology magazine for using what he thought was his image in an article. An article about why all hipsters look the same. Problem is. It wasn’t him. Awkward.

The story in question was in MIT Technology Review called “the counterintuitive phenomenon in which people who oppose mainstream culture all end up looking the same.”

The article included a version of a Getty Images photo. This photo was of a bearded, flannel-wearing man. One reader of the magazine wrote to them: “Your lack of basic journalistic ethics in both the manner in which you ‘reported’ this uncredited nonsense, and the slanderous, unnecessary use of my picture without permission demands a response, and I am, of course, pursuing legal action.”

It wasn’t him though.


Check out the full interview over at CBC Radio here!

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Having a baby is a really bad for you.

A study that was published in the journal called Demography suggests that being a new parent could make you miserable and could potentially be the worse thing to happen to you. It was undertaken by demographer Rachel Margolis and called “Parental Well-Being Surrounding First Birth as a Determinant of Further Parity Progression” The study was carried out in Germany.


The study was complied to figure out the difference between the number of children that parent’s want vs the number of children that they actually have. German people say on average that they want two kids and end up have one and a half. Therefore you could state that German parents ideally want two but change their mind after the first. The study alleges that a “drop in well-being surrounding first birth,” also known as “unhappiness.”

The data was complied over a period of years. Asking them over a course of years about their “overall well-being”. The total number of years was 5 encompassing three years prior to the birth of their 1st child and 2 years after. Though they weren’t asked about parenting directly.

The study alleges alarmingly, that the unhappiness didn’t set in to the first and second year of a childs life.

The Washington Post also have highlighted studies where people are asked about thier happiness during a life event. This time on a scale of 1-10. Vice are reporting that an average of 0.6 decline in happiness after a divorce. A 1 point decline in experiencing unemployment or death of a spouse. A birth of a first child. An average decline of 1.6.

What did the study look at?

The study looked at a total of three categories of unhappiness. 2 categories included things like troubles conceiving, being pregnant and giving birth, fertility problems and puking. The other category looked at “continuous and intense nature of childrearing in the first year,” which includes things like “depression, domestic isolation, and relationship breakdown.”

While this may be alarming, the study does note that further research is needed to “address the ways in which parenting experiences throughout the life course affect fertility behavior upward or downward.”

They don’t look at other aspects of being a parent such as the strains of a parent on an elementary school student or an adult.


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Don’t Use Condoms Twice.

So apparently, some crazy people out there are doing something that we never thought we’d see. They are reusing and washing condoms, just look at this tweet from CDC STD!

In case people were wondering, do not re-use a condom. Nor should you wash it to use it again. Condoms are strictly a one use item. One and done. Kaput. Plus a new one should be use for every sex act!

There was a study published in 2012 it was called “Condom Use Errors and Problems: A Global View,”  and get this. Are you sitting down?

In between 1.4% and 3.3% of those surveyed admitted to reusing the same condom during intercourse, Forbes pointed out.

If you weren’t aware, washing and reusing condoms will definitely reduce their effectiveness. The oils in soaps will degrade the latex, thus causing it to fail. It may even irritate the skin.

Condoms (when correctly used) will prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of STDS.

So don’t go reusing them!


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Rate My Plate

With over 2.1M fans on Facebook the ‘Rate My Plate’ Facebook Page is no small time gig. The comical Facebook page has been set up arguably over the huge popularity that people’s dinner plates get on Instagram and Facebook.

Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that most of the posts on this page are going to be good right? Who would put a bad plate of food on there just to be rated badly?

Well, you’d be wrong. The posts are either pictures of people’s regular every day dinner plates or just some terrible looking dinners. As a result, there’s some pretty ghastly plates on this page, so keep a sick bucket nearby! (We’re being harsh. There are some good looking dinner plates on there, but they’re few and far between!)

Check out some of the plates below:

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Road Trip How To Kill An Hour

6 Things To Consider Before Taking A Road Trip

Road Trip How To Kill An Hour
With the warmer weather slowly creeping closer, it’s time to starting thinking about what kind of vacation you’re going to take this year. if you’re looking for adventure and want to see a variety of different places in one go, why not consider going on a road trip? Whether it’s as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends – road trips can be incredibly affordable and a whole lot of fun. If you are considering it and you don’t know where to start when it comes to planning,
here are 6 things you may want to consider beforehand:


– What Is Your Overall Budget?

First of all, you need to think about your overall budget for the trip. Whilst it helps to think about how much you are going to spend in total, the best way to be as accurate as you possibly can is to plan out every single aspect of the trip individually. Think about how much your gas is going to cost, how much each night in a hotel will cost and how much you’re going to spend on food, drink and activities. Once you’ve totalled all of these up you’ll have a much better picture of how much the trip is going to cost you.


– Who Will Be Going With You?

Now you need to think about who will be going with you. Whilst road trips are incredible no matter how many people go, you need to consider all of the logistics surrounding it. How many hotel rooms will you need to book? Do you need to take more than one car? Can you fit everything in the trunk? How long can everyone spend in the car together?


– What Route Will You Be Taking?

Once you have a good idea of your budget and who is going with you, you can start to think about what route you want to take. Whether you get inspiration off the internet or you plan your own customized route, you need to be sure it is something that’s going to be doable in the time frame you have. For tips and tricks on designing the perfect road trip route, you can view this guide here.


– Do You Need Overnight Stops?

When planning your route you need to think about any overnight stays you may have. Whether it’s a motel en route or a hotel at one of your chosen destinations, planning all of these in advance will save you a lot of money when it comes to last-minute fees.


– What Do You Need To Take With You? Will It All Fit?

With a solid plan in place, you can start to think about everything you’re going to take with you. Depending on who is going and where you’re going to be stopping, you will need to ensure you have enough clothes, toiletries and supplies to last you. If you don’t think you are going to fit it all in your car, you may want to consider using one of these car trailers.


– Do You Need To Hire A Car?

Although you may have a car of your own, some people prefer to hire a bigger car for their trip. Whether it’s for comfort, space or quality, hiring a car may be the best possible option.


Are you planning a road trip soon? What do you need to prepare in advance? What will you take with you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Superhero Debt

How Much to be Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Walter White?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to be a Superhero? Well, there’s some data been collated and apparently it costs a lot! There’s a lot of money being spent and there’s some Superhero Debt! One interesting stat is that James Bond spends 18x his salary on booze, cars and gadgets each year. The infographic looks at the salaries and expenditures of a lot of popular heroes. One of the minimal spenders is Peter Parker. He spends only $1,125 of his superhero lifestyle each year. While Bruce Wayne on the other hand spends $333,886,814 yeeesh! Some of our heroes are in lots of debt however. Ghostbuster Peter Venkma is in $140,000,000 worth of deby because of his proton pack!

Superhero Debt

The guys over at The True Cost of Heroism collated lots of data from each superhero franchise and compared each hero across 6 areas of expertise to figure out their expenditure. Which was:

  • Education Fees
  • Rent
  • Vehicle Cost
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Gadgets
  • Clothing
  • Lifestyle Expenditure.

As stated above Bruce Wayne spends a lot of money on his lavish lifestyle and Peter Parker is sensible and spends well within his means even saving a total of $22,169 each year.

Other’s such as Sherlock Holmes actually outspent his income twice over. Spending twice over $47,725 on his Central London home, specialist equipment and cigars. Walter White’s income cost him 4x his Chemistry Teachers annual salary. Furthermore Buffy Summers spends $69,886 on slaying vampires each year.

All 7 overdrawn fictional characters were able to create a total of $137,485,640 annual debt between them. While suprisingly Batman and not so surprisingly Spider-Man walk away with $8,886,135,355 in profit each year.

Superhero Debit – Fictional characters who overspend the most:

Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)

$136,146,915 in debt

James Bond

$911,467 in debt

Walter White

$205,264 in debt

The full list of films and TV shows featured include:

  • Spider-Man

  • Batman

  • Breaking Bad

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Stranger Things

  • Ghostbusters

  • James Bond

  • Indiana Jones

  • Sherlock Holmes

To view The True Cost of Heroism, and a beautiful infographic and a lot more information please click here!

Xbox Controller How To Kill An Hour

Whose Team Are You On?

It’s time to get to the bottom of a debate that’s been raging since the beginning of time. When we say time, we mean about the last 20 years, but a while, nevertheless.

In the battle of the games consoles are you team XBox or team PlayStation? Let’s delve into both and pick a side. There are plenty of opinions on either side about what offers the best value for money and where the best gaming experience lies but you can only choose one side in the long run.

Xbox Controller How To Kill An Hour

Xbox All The Way

More specifically the Xbox One. The beauty of this particular console is that you can play games from way back when. Unlike the PlayStation, which has zero compatibility, you can dig out your old Halo game and play it on the latest model, no problem. These old favourites are part of the reason people are so loyal to the brand.

The other reason is its multi functionality. Yes, you can stream Netflix and Spotify it and more. It’s just so much more than a gaming device and gives you great value for money. You don’t need to spend your money looking for new games or parts, like a car enthusiast looking for vauxhall breakers, it just lasts and lasts. A classic every time.

But PlayStation?

Has so much to offer. Yes, it might not have all the capabilities of the Xbox One but when it comes to actual game play this is head and shoulders above the rest. You want the best games, the best graphics and the most exhilarating gaming experiences? You get a PlayStation4.

These games, such as Marvel’s Spider Man and other classics keep PlayStation fans snapping up the latest offerings. It’s a shame that you can’t play games from older models on the latest PS, but hey, you’d completed them anyway right?

So, who wins in this battle of the tech giants? If we look at other factors such as price, then both come in at around the same amount, so it comes down to what your personal tastes are. You can’t deny that the PlayStation4 nails the game play aspect with outstanding, exclusive games. It’s focused in on this aspect and pulled it off with aplomb.

XBox One, however, offers so much more than just game play and fits into a family home so easily and usefully. It simply offers more features for the same money but does compromise on game exclusivity. That doesn’t matter too much though, bearing in mind your back catalogue is still relevant.

It’s a tough one and not something can be decided easily. True gamers will almost certainly go down the PlayStation route while those looking for a bit more bang for their buck will go Team XBox. With the promise of bigger and better developments from both these giants over the coming months, we may need to revisit our decisions again but for now, pick a team and enjoy killing an hour or two on this fantastic technology.