Fifa 17!

Fifa is BACK! In a big big way too, introducing the new Frostbite engine, bringing new graphics and realism to faces and environments. Frostbite is shown off with the “Journey” mode which allows you to take control of Alex Hunter where your decisions determine where you go in the game and in your life on and off the pitch as a footballer. Experience never before seen environments in Fifa games, such as match day tunnels, Locker Rooms, Manager’s office and even the team plane!

Not only that there is a complete overhaul in the way that players move and think on the pitch, interacting with other players physically and execute more intricate attacks together.

Funk Butcher really enjoyed the game, he even ran home from the show last week to get his hands on the demo. Even saying that they are leaps and strides ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer, so it has the Butcher sign of approval!
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The Night Of.



“After a night of partying with a female stranger, a man wakes up to find her stabbed to death and is charged with her murder.”

The Night Of is an 8 part crime drama miniseries that is broadcast on HBO and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Based on the 2008-09 British miniseries Criminal Justice, the drama written by Richard Price and Steven Zaillian and directed by James Marsh follows a man who wakes up to find that he had been charged with the murder of a female stranger whom he had been partying with the night before.

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy is BACK and Funk Butcher is GASSED! Final Fantasy XV is released on November 29th 2016 and we at How To Kill An Hour HQ couldn’t be more excited. After going to the Philharmonic Orchestral Performance of the music from the game this past week we have well and truly been hooked into the Final Fantasy world. Square Enix are doing a ton of promo for this game and its one of the biggest versions of the game since the 7th installment, to highlight this a high budget movie is coming out on the 30th September called Final Fantasy XV: Kingslave! This game is going to be HUGE!

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Narcos on Netflix

Narcos is the programme that everyone is talking about and Season 2 started recently which Funk Butcher has been fully engrossed in and has been trying to get Marcus Bronzy involved in with little joy, however on this weeks show Marcus may have been persuaded to give Narcos another go!

The programme is created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro and follows the drug king pin Pablo Escobar’s life and how he became a billionaire selling the illicit substance. The series was so successful Season 2 was green lit and most recently the programme has been renewed by Netflix for a 3rd and 4th season!

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Bestival Festival App

Funk Butcher recently DJ’d at Bestival and had the time of his life, he even sipped a bit of Jaegermister (Funk doesn’t drink) and while he was there he downloaded the Bestival App which helped him out a lot! What is the Bestival App, will I even be able to use it with phone signals and why do I even need to use an app at a festival?! I hear you ask!

Well the app definitely works and you get full signal while at Bestival and the reasons you are going to NEED this app and not want are as follows:

  • IF you managed to not get to Bestival Red Bull TV stream all the madness straight to your phone, from the Mainstage to the Big Top if its there you will see it!
  • Your own customisable schedule so you can never miss one of your acts and you can decide which one to go see if they clash with artist profiles!
  • A site map so you don’t get lost! Thank goodness for GPRS!
  • Connect your Spotify so you can get tailored suggestions!
  • Social side of the app allows you to connect with other festival goers about the artists available to see.

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Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Do you ever struggle counting your calories? Whether you guys are trying to gain weight or lose weight, sometimes counting up those pesky calories can become quite a chore! Well here at How To Kill An Hour we have found THE way to make your life a lot lot easier when it comes to calories and your nutrition! The “Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal” is a FREE app from MyFitnessPal, (Powered by UnderArmour) with an option to go premium which offers no ads and a bunch of extra features like more detailed nutrition break downs and more detailed meal nutrition.

It is really simple to use, just create an account and log in, then use the camera on your phone to scan the barcodes of the foods that you are eating and the app does all the work for you. Using their 5,000,000 food database (which is constantly growing!) you can be sure that the details that the app is giving you is correct. If the food isn’t in the database you can always go through and add in the data yourself manually. No Cheating now! With goals listed at the top there is no reason why you cannot achieve your fitness goals as fast or slow as you wish!

To download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal please click here!

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Apple Store App!

The Apple Store app is basically the Apple Store we all know and love but on your phone, you can do a bunch of stuff like buy your shiny new iPhone 7 a case, purchase those really cool new Air Pods, buy a brand new Macbook Pro and even reserve your place at a workshop in store. However, what we like it for on How To Kill An Hour is the ease of use that it has to upgrade your iPhone to the latest model with the Apple iPhone Upgrade Programme. Simply go into the app, scroll to the “iPhone Upgrade Programme” click into it, select which one you want, select your nearest store and reserve it to pick up in store! BAM! Simple! Once your there a team member will guide you through the activation process, simple! Now go ahead and reserve yourself a brand new iPhone 7/7 Plus (which some of us can’t do yet! *cough* Producer Billy *cough* *cough*)

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Opinion Divided

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Stickman Battlefields!

Despite the name of it being “Stickman” the graphics and textures in this game are actually really good, as the name states its basically a shooting game with stickmen. Just pick your favourite weapons and explosives and go out there and destroy other stickmen or targets in glorious high dynamic landscapes be that a forest or a snowy mountain the graphics do not diminish. Choose to either go lone ranger and play single player or try our your shooting skills in a multiplayer online session choosing to shoot like normal or board a tank to get behind enemy lines and win the game!

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She Wants Me Dead!

Cats Vs Dogs, its the age old debate – Well we think we have found a winner. Dogs. It’s got to be dogs.

After playing this game “She wants me Dead” is based around you, now you are a character called “Max” – Max has annoyed his cat Lula to the extent that she wants to get him. She want’s him dead! Lula is far from cute and cuddly, she’s evil, vicious and cold. Setting intricate traps that are both deadly and brutal to catch yourself in. Scary stuff right! What if your cat is secretly wanting to do the same to you right now?!

She wants me dead is a side scrolling game available on both the iOS store and Google play – released alongside Cazzette’s new single which it shares the same name. It’s not just a soundtrack either, Lula’s traps move in rhythm with the music – so you better hope Max has got the moves otherwise he’s going to be toast!

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