Limited Edition: Kyrö Malt Oloroso

Introducing the NEW Limited Edition: Kyrö Malt Oloroso, the very first Finnish single batch rye whisky to grace the world of spirits. Crafted with meticulous care and attention, this unique offering from Kyrö Distillery Company is bound to captivate the palates of whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

What sets Kyrö Malt Oloroso apart is its exceptional composition. It is exclusively made from 100% malted Finnish wholegrain rye, setting it apart from the crowd of traditional rye whiskies. This remarkable spirit undergoes a double pot-distillation process that accentuates its character. Furthermore, Kyrö Malt Oloroso undergoes an aging process that sets it apart, maturing in three distinct barrel types: oloroso sherry, new American oak, and ex-bourbon.

The result? A harmonious fusion of mellow and spicy notes, a delightful dance of flavors that is sure to excite the senses. On the nose, it exudes an enticing aroma of nuts and caramel, making it a truly captivating experience from the very first sip.

Initially an exclusive offering in the world of travel retail, Kyrö Malt Oloroso has risen to prominence due to insatiable demand from whisky connoisseurs around the globe. This exquisite creation boasts an impressive 47.2% ABV, ensuring a full-bodied and robust taste that lingers on the palate.

For those eager to experience this Finnish gem for themselves, Kyrö Malt Oloroso is available in various bottle sizes, ranging from 50ml to 700ml, making it accessible to whisky enthusiasts with different preferences. With a recommended retail price of £55, it offers a fantastic opportunity to savor the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Kyrö Distillery Company.

In conclusion, Kyrö Malt Oloroso stands as a testament to the Finnish distillery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of whisky production. With its unique composition and unforgettable flavor profile, it has rightfully earned its place in the core range of Kyrö’s offerings, delighting whisky lovers far and wide. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this extraordinary whisky experience.

For a more in-depth discussion about this exceptional spirit, tune in to episode 17 of the How To Kill An Hour Podcast, where we explore the intricacies of Kyrö Malt Oloroso. Listen here


Apple Watch double tap gesture now available with watchOS 10.1


Apple Watch double tap gesture now available with watchOS 10.1


The new double tap gesture for Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 is available today with watchOS 10.1, bringing a fast and convenient new way to interact with Apple Watch.


With the new double tap gesture, users can easily control Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 using just one hand and without touching the display. Users can tap the index finger and thumb of their watch hand together twice to quickly perform many of the most common actions. This new feature complements existing gestures like tap, swipe, raise to wake, and cover to mute that make Apple Watch simple and intuitive to use.


A Convenient, Delightful Experience

The double tap gesture is helpful in common situations when the user’s other hand is occupied, such as when walking the dog, cooking, or holding a cup of coffee. 


Double tap allows users to select the primary action in a wide variety of watchOS apps and notifications, including:

  • Opening the Smart Stack from any watch face and scrolling through widgets in the stack.
  • Answering and ending phone calls.
  • Viewing a message from a notification, scrolling through longer notifications with an additional double tap, replying using dictation, and sending a message.
  • Pausing, resuming, and ending a timer.
  • Stopping and resuming a stopwatch.
  • Snoozing an alarm.
  • Playing and pausing music, podcasts, and audiobooks.
  • Switching to the new Elevation view in the Compass app.
  • Taking an iPhone photo with the Camera Remote in the Camera app.
  • Starting or stopping automatic Workout reminders.
  • Performing the primary action from notifications, such as replying to an incoming message from a messaging app and snoozing reminders — including from third parties.

Powered by S9 SiP

The double tap gesture available on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 is powered by the S9 SiP, which is 25 percent more power efficient than the previous generation, and the new 4-core Neural Engine, which can perform machine learning tasks twice as fast. 


The Neural Engine processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor with a new machine learning algorithm. The algorithm detects the unique signature of tiny wrist movements and changes in blood flow when the index finger and thumb perform a double tap.

The double tap gesture works anytime the display is awake, and the feature is available all day long with minimal impact to the 18-hour battery life on Apple Watch Series 9 or the 36-hour battery life on Apple Watch Ultra 2.


Double Tap Gesture Customisations

Double tap has been designed to automatically select the primary action for most apps and notifications. In two instances, the user can elect a different function: advancing through widgets in the Smart Stack or selecting the first available widget; and playing or pausing media during an active session, or skipping to the next track instead.


  • watchOS 10.1 is available for Apple Watch Series 4 and later starting today, and requires iPhone XS or later running iOS 17.
  • The double tap gesture is enabled by default on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 running watchOS 10.1, with no additional setup required. It can be disabled in settings.
  • The feature is not supported in the following apps and experiences: ECG, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Focus, Walkie-Talkie, Maps (during navigation), Mindfulness (during an active session), SOS features (Emergency SOS, Fall Detection, Crash Detection), and Workout (during an active session).

Land Rover Defender 75th Anniversary Edition: A Tribute to a Legend

It’s been 75 years since the iconic Land Rover Defender made its debut at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show, and in celebration of this remarkable milestone, Land Rover has unveiled the special Land Rover Defender 75th Anniversary Edition.

A Touch of Nostalgia

This special edition is a nod to the Defender’s roots, paying homage to the original Series One model with its classic Grasmere Green color, reminiscent of the rugged outdoors.

Exterior Features

  • The Grasmere Green exterior paint is not the only feature that gives this Defender a unique appearance. It comes with matching 20-inch wheels and a roof in the same striking color. There’s also a special touch with “75 Years” laser etching on the exterior, reminding us of the Defender’s historic journey.

Interior Comfort and Technology

Inside the Defender, you’ll find a blend of modern comfort and advanced technology. The Land Rover Defender 75th Anniversary Edition boasts a front center console with a refrigerator compartment, perfect for keeping your drinks chilled during your adventures.

  • An 11.4-inch center console provides access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, ensuring you’re connected and entertained wherever your journey takes you.
  • The vehicle features a 360-degree parking aid, making parking and maneuvering in tight spots a breeze.
  • For the driver and passengers, there are 14-way heated and cooled electric memory front seats with 4-way manual headrests, ensuring a comfortable ride no matter the weather.
  • The icing on the cake is the impressive 1700-watt Meridian sound system, delivering a premium audio experience.

Performance and Capability

Under the hood, the Land Rover Defender 75th Anniversary Edition is equipped with a powerful 3-liter engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. This combination allows for a 0-60 mph acceleration in just 6.5 seconds, making it not only a rugged off-roader but a capable on-road performer as well. Of course, it’s a 4-wheel drive, ensuring that you can tackle any terrain with confidence. Additionally, this Defender can tow up to 3 tons, highlighting its impressive utility.

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Joby Wavo Boom Arm – all that and a drink holder!

Unleash Your Creativity with the Joby Wavo Boom Arm

If you’re a content creator, podcaster, or video enthusiast, you know that high-quality audio is a crucial component of your work. One of the most effective ways to elevate your audio game is by investing in the Joby Wavo Boom Arm. This versatile and innovative piece of equipment not only enhances your audio recording capabilities but also makes your workspace more efficient.

The Joby Wavo Boom Arm: A Revolution in Audio Recording

The Joby Wavo Boom Arm is a cutting-edge, all-in-one solution for audio enthusiasts and professionals. Its design is a testament to Joby’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-friendly products. By visiting the Joby website, you can explore the features and specifications in detail.

Key Features:

  1. A Drinks holder: in short why has this not been done before! Yes Joby!
  2. A Headphone holder!: We love tech that is user friendly…of course we want to hang up our cans too!
  3. Premium Build Quality: The Wavo Boom Arm is built with durability in mind, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. Its high-quality materials and construction make it a reliable addition to your workspace.
  4. 360-Degree Rotation: This boom arm offers a full range of motion with a 360-degree rotation. This flexibility allows you to position your microphone precisely where you need it, whether you’re recording a podcast, streaming, or conducting video conferences.
  5. Enhanced Cable Management: Tired of tangled cables cluttering your workspace? The Joby Wavo Boom Arm features an integrated cable management system, keeping your setup clean and professional.
  6. Easy Installation: Setting up the Wavo Boom Arm is a breeze. It comes with a versatile mounting system that can be securely attached to your desk or studio setup in minutes.
  7. Universal Compatibility: Whether you’re using a USB microphone, XLR microphone, or any other type of microphone, the Wavo Boom Arm is compatible with a wide range of microphones, ensuring that it will fit seamlessly into your existing setup.
  8. Enhanced Sound Quality: The shock mount included with the Wavo Boom Arm effectively minimizes vibrations and handling noise, providing you with pristine audio quality.
  9. Sleek Aesthetics: Beyond its functionality, the Wavo Boom Arm’s sleek and modern design will add a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

Why Choose the Joby Wavo Boom Arm?

Investing in the Joby Wavo Boom Arm means investing in your audio quality and productivity. It simplifies your setup and allows you to focus on what truly matters – your content. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and subpar microphone positioning. With the Wavo Boom Arm, you can achieve professional sound quality effortlessly.

Get Started with Joby Wavo Boom Arm

Ready to transform your audio recording experience? Head over to the Joby website to learn more about the Wavo Boom Arm and explore additional products that can complement your creative endeavors. Unlock the full potential of your audio setup and elevate your content creation with this revolutionary boom arm.

In conclusion, the Joby Wavo Boom Arm is a game-changer for audio enthusiasts and content creators alike. Its innovative features, durable construction, and ease of use make it a must-have for anyone looking to improve their audio recording setup. To listen to us talk about this on episode 17 of the How To Kill An Hour Podcast, visit this link: How To Kill An Hour Podcast.

The Gel Blaster Surge


Lets Go!

The Gel Blaster Surge is a thrilling and innovative addition to the world of recreational shooting. Blending the adrenaline of paintball and the precision of airsoft, this cutting-edge gel blaster offers an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts of all ages. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of the Gel Blaster Surge, available at

Unleashing the Surge of Adventure

The Gel Blaster Surge takes recreational shooting to new heights, delivering an immersive and action-packed adventure. This gel blaster is designed to shoot harmless, water-based gel pellets, providing a safe yet realistic shooting experience. With its powerful and accurate firing mechanism, the Surge ensures every shot counts, adding an element of strategy and skill to gameplay. Whether engaging in thrilling skirmishes with friends or honing your marksmanship in target practice, the Gel Blaster Surge offers endless hours of entertainment and excitement.

Advanced Features and Specifications

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Gel Blaster Surge boasts impressive features to enhance performance. Its high-capacity magazine holds up to 400 gel pellets, ensuring sustained gameplay without frequent reloading. The adjustable hop-up system allows for precise control over shot trajectory, enabling players to adapt to various environments and distances. With a firing range of up to 25 meters, the Surge offers both short-range skirmishing and long-range accuracy. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and maneuverability, while the durable construction guarantees long-lasting use.

Safety and Convenience

The Gel Blaster Surge prioritizes safety and convenience. The gel pellets used are biodegradable, non-toxic, and easy to clean up, making them environmentally friendly. The blaster features a safety switch, preventing accidental discharge and ensuring safe handling during transportation or storage. Additionally, the Surge operates on rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for constant replacements. This ensures uninterrupted gameplay and reduces long-term costs, making it an economical choice for enthusiasts.


The Gel Blaster Surge offers an electrifying experience for gel blaster enthusiasts, combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on safety and convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of recreational shooting, the Surge guarantees hours of fun and excitement. Its advanced features, impressive range, and ergonomic design make it a versatile and reliable choice for various gaming scenarios. Visit to unleash the Surge and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of gel blasting.

6 Effective Ways To Combat Car Depreciation

A car is a significant investment. In fact, it’s one of the largest you’ll likely make throughout your entire life, usually second only to real estate. However, unlike many other investments, a vehicle won’t hold it’s value. Instead, it begins to depreciate the moment you drive it away. This means that, if you were ever to sell your car, you’d lose a lot of money in the process. There’s no way to avoid this, but you can reduce it. With that in mind, here are six ways to combat car depreciation.

Choose A Neutral Color

Bright colors and bold patterns may reflect your personality, but they’re not to everyone’s tastes. This means that they could affect the resale value of your car, or, worse still, make it incredibly difficult to sell. Because of this, you should stick to neutral tones when purchasing vehicles or, if you can’t, give your car a standard color paint job before putting it up for sale.


Pick The Right Modifications

Most would assume that modifications and customizations are an effective way to increase the value of your car, but that isn’t always true. Although some do this, like upgrading the engine or replacing the number plate, many more that fail to carry their value. These include larger wheels, costly sound systems, and other typical boy racer type add-ons.


Follow The Maintenance Schedule

The very best way to increase your car’s resale value is to look after it. This means sticking to the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Ideally, your vehicle should be serviced by a specialist. If you have a Land Rover, for example, that would mean a company like LRC 4×4 Limited. Their diagnostic equipment and knowledge mean your car would be in safe hands.


Keep A Low Mileage

The number of miles that your car has seen plays a big part in its value. Because of this, it’s vital that you keep the mileage of the vehicle as low as you can. The simplest way to do this is to avoid long distance journeys. Use your car for driving to work and around your city alone and rent a different one if you need to go any further. At the very least, you should steer clear of road trips.


Watch How You Drive

Unfortunately, it’s not just how far you drive, but how you drive that affects depreciation. Cars that have been driven badly are usually discovered during test drives. They don’t brake, accelerate, or turn corners effectively, which would naturally put off any buyers. To avoid this, you must learn how to drive better. This means stopping any harsh braking and sticking to the speed limits.



Store In The Garage

Cars that are left on driveways or roads are put at a lot of risks. They could be stolen, vandalized, or damaged by other drivers and the elements. For this reason, you should keep your vehicle in the garage instead. This is particularly important if you live in an area with high crime or harsh weather. If you don’t have a garage, then consider renting one or investing in better security.


No car owner can avoid depreciation completely, but with the advice above, you can significantly reduce it.

Bring Your Banger Up to Date in Five Steps

While many covet brand new cars, there are plenty of reasons you’d go for an older model. Sure, there might be more miles on the clock, and more wear technically means they’re less reliable, but if you have a particular type of car you love then it might be the older version you’re after. Even old bangers can be brought up to date with a little care and some new features added, here are some of the ways you can go about it.


Sound system

Newer cars almost always have great tech and sound systems built in, meaning a vehicle lacking these features will be a huge giveaway of its age. But you don’t need to settle with an out of date stereo as there are so many third party models on the market that can be installed into your existing console without too much hassle. Apple Carplay and Android Auto stereos are some of the best on the market. You can also find models with built in dash cams, reversing cameras and navigation too.



You can spend time and effort modernising your car inside and out, but one thing that’s always going to to give away its age is the number on the plates. Not only are private plates a great way to personalise your vehicle but disguise the age of it too. Companies like offer this.



Unless the car you’ve purchased has been looked after extremely well, chances are there will be some level of damage or wear to the paintwork in the form of minor rust, scuffs or scratches. A full respray can be really expensive, and often isn’t worth the investment unless the car is rare or something you plan on keeping forever. If only one or two panels are damaged you could look into having them repaired separately. In other cases, you might be able to correct damage such as fine scratches and swirl marks which are a result of improper washing using polishes and compounds. This can take years off the look of the paint. Ceramic paint coating is gaining in popularity, this hard coating is more durable than wax and protects it from scratches, dirt and chemical contamination. A proper ceramic coating will need to be done by a professional, but there are some products out there you can apply yourself if you have the time and patience.



Updating the wheels can really change the look of a car. If yours don’t suit the modern style you’re aiming for, consider replacing them. If they’re fine as they are but are just in need of some TLC, have them refurbished. Lots of companies offer this, if you want to change the colour of them this can be achieved with powder coating.



Keyless entry might seem like a new feature, but it’s been used on some cars right back from the late nineties. But as convenient as it is, it opens up your car to thieves who can amplify the signal and access your car. Security features like a Faraday cage block the signal and increase security.

Star Wars Jedi Challenges

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Become a Jedi

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Feel The Force!

Star Wars Jedi Challenges is the piece of tech for all Star Wars fans in 2018. With the help of augmented reality you’ll be transported into the Star Wars universe! There’s an array of cool VR/AR tech coming to our homes in the coming weeks and months! However, this has got to be one of the best things we have seen here at the office! We cannot believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before. Augmented and Virtual reality is perfect for the Star Wars franchise. Helping to bring nostalgia to a lot of men and women around the world. So we think that this is going to be used a lot more by the parents than the children!

With the help of the AR headset, complete an array of challenges to become a Jedi! Train to become a Jedi Master, have Jedi Battles with the Sith, play HoloChess, complete strategic combat right from your table! This sounds absolutely incredible and we LOVED it when it came into the studio!

So, how does this become reality? By using the smartphone-powered Lenovo Mirage AR headset and a Lightsaber controller, that is all, to transport you into space and fight to save the universe! The Lightsaber controller enables you to experience what it’s like to yield a lightsaber. So you can feel your opponents attacks with the force feedback! Whilst a tracking beacon ensures accurate and detailed tracking of yourself and the lightsaber controller. Furthermore allowing the AR headset to fill your environment with an immersive universe. While not just a video image displayed in front of you.

Click here to complete the challenges and become a Jedi Master!

Click here to purchase your own!

Star Wars littleBits

You can now build your very own R2 with the littleBits electronic blocks and the companion inventor app, you’ll be able to teach your very own R2 tricks and take on 16+ Missions! The Droid Inventor Kit is very easy to use straight out of the box with initial assembly easy to understand for kids with step by step instructions of both to build their Droid but to control it in Drive, Self-Nav and Force mode.

The littleBits Droid has a ton of features such as:

  • 6 Bits and 20 Droid Parts
  • 20 Authentic R2 Sounds from the Star Wars universe
  • Reconfigure the Droid parts to reconfigure your R2 in a range of different ways and create brand new Droids
  • Companion app promotes creativity via a series of challenges and customisation using items around the home

To buy your own Star Wars LittleBits kit please click here!

Robot Caregivers?

Elderly people in Japan are dealing with social isolation and loneliness are at an increased risk of ailments, such as cardiovascular disease and elevated blood pressure. It is here where Robots are stepping in to provide company for the aging. They are designed for the elderly who live alone rather than a care facility.

Support robots are springing up in Japan, with the robotic industry expected to boom to nearly $4bn annually by 2035, with the current generation of support robots within 3 categories, serving and fetching, communications and emotional support.

Such as the Take Care-o-bot from Fraunhofer IPA. This robot has been deployed in a number of German assisted living facilities, is able to grab food and drinks and keep them entertained with games, to keep their minds sharp.

Honda’s Asimo Robot can jump (and not fall downstairs) and even use sign language, with their research team hoping that Asmio will serve as a gofer for people with limited mobility to complete tasks such as fetching glass of water or turn off a light switch.

The Dinslow ($2500) from CT Asia Robotics acts as a personal assistant, reminding users to take pills, tracks health and even answers calls from family and doctors, the Dinslow Mini, it’s smaller version of the Dinslow, sits on a night stand of bedridden patients.

The MiRo is a robot dog, that is a companion but also does the stuff like regulate pill regime and appoint reminders. MiRo’s designer, Sebastian Conran, told The Guardian:

“It tries talking to you (asking if you’re alright)…….then it will send a signal to the hub saying there seems to be a problem. The hub will then broadcast on the home speaker, asking again if you’re all right, and telling you to slap your wrist.” That refers to a biometric sensing wristband that the user wears which tracks their vitals……..If you slap your wrist the process will stop but will be logged…….if you don’t slap your wrist it will… go to a carer, who can see your heart rate and body temperature, and rewind your life using the cameras in the home to see what happened. So when the ambulance gets there, they’ll know what they’re working with.”

It hasn’t come without it’s criticisms though with Susan Madlung, gerontologist and Clinical Educator for Regional Programs and Home Health Re-Design at Vancouver Coastal Health, told AgingCare, feeling that it may take several generations before people are comfortable being cared for by a robot:

“Social isolation of seniors is a significant concern amongst gerontologists and caregivers alike. Robot care, in my mind, would only compound that issue…Although robots might seem like a good response to the growing need for caregivers, I could see this as being quite detrimental to the emotional and psychosocial well being of anyone, not just seniors……Humans need humans.”