Bill Gates Answers Common Interview Questions

For Steph Curry’s official YouTube channel, Steph is doing a series of exclusive interviews called “State of Inspiration” In episode 1 Steph features one of the world’s leading executives and philanthropists, Bill Gates.

They discuss on the secondary problems that have arisen due to COVID-19, primarily food insecurity, education (remote learning), and unemployment. While they also tackled several of the issues and discussed what is needed to mitigate the problems that the global pandemic will leave behind when we all go back to normal.

One aspect that a lot of people will face young and old is job interview questions. As young people going into their first job and older generation of people who haven’t had to go for a job interview in a long time.

So, Steph wanted to ask Bill Gates to pretend he was interviewing for a software engineering job at Mircorosft and to answer a few of the common interview questions.

  1. Why Should We Hire You
  2. How do you define your strengths and weaknesses, and how would you incorporate them into a team?
  3. What are your salary expectations for this job?

However, some of these answers might surprise you and all of them might inspire you to adapt them into your line of work. So check out the answers below:

Bill Gates – Why Should We Hire You?

You should look at the codes that I’ve written. I write software programs way beyond any classes that I’ve taken. Think I’ve gotten better over time, so take a look at how ambitious I’ve been there.

I do think I can work well with people, might criticize their code a little harshly.

But overall, I like to be on a team. I like ambitious goals, like thinking through how we can anticipate the future.

Software is cool, and I want to be involved.

Bill Gates – How do you define your strengths and weaknesses, and how would you incorporate them into a team?

Well I’m not somebody who knows a lot about marketing. I wouldn’t enjoy being a salesman.

For a position where you’re actually creating the products and thinking through what those features should be, I’m fascinated by that.

I followed the history of the industry, read about the mistakes that have been made. So product definition, product creation, very strong.

If you have a team that understands the customers, the sales, the marketing, I’m not going to bring that, but I would enjoy working with them.

Bill Gates – What are your salary expectations for this job?

I hope the option package is good. I’m able to take risk and I think the company has a great future, so I prefer to get stock options even more than cash compensation.

I hear some other companies are paying a lot, but treat me fairly and emphasize the options.

Questions for you

  • What questions would you like to ask Bill at a job interview
  • What job interview questions do you hate
  • How would you like to interview Bill Gates for a job at your company
  • Do You find job interviews hard
  • Do you feel a lot of people will struggle in job interviews after COVID
  • Should there be support for people who don’t know how to do their best in a job interview?


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