Disney + Saving Money?!

Disney + looks like it will be cost savings. According to CNET, it will launch with support for 4 simultaneous streams and 4K included for $6.99 a month. SERIOUSLY undercutting Netflix. Subscribers can even create and manage up to 7 profiles on a single account too.

In comparison Netflix currently costs $9 a month base and that’s for standard definition and one available stream. If you want HD streaming that’s $13 a month and you get 2 simultaneous streams. Want 4k and 4 streams, thats $16 a month!

The change in price for Netflix has been blamed for the dip in US subs this last quarter, a first for Netflix since 2011. Consequently this slowed Netflix’s growth and stock took a little tumble too. 

Disney’s ESPN and Hulu bundle for Disney+ won’t have simultaneous streaming benefits. But the bundle will cost $12.99 and they will get 2 simultaneous ESPN+ streams and one basic ad-supported Hulu stream.

Notably, Disney’s ESPN and Hulu bundle for Disney+ won’t have the same simultaneous streaming benefits. With the bundle, which will cost $12.99, subscribers will only get two simultaneous ESPN+ streams and one basic, ad-supported Hulu stream.

While Netflix has a much wider and robust library than Disney right now. Disney is filing out it’s library with a ton of original shows. CNET also reports that Disney will be releasing new episodes of original series on Disney+ weekly. This is a huge difference to Netflix. Who choose to launch all the episodes at once. This strategy looks to expand the lifespan of it’s earlier slate of programming.

Loads of Shows

Disney are bringing a Ms Marvel series to it’s platform, a show centered on She Hulk and Moon Knight. They also announced recently a live action lady and the tramp adaptation which will be shown exclusively on Disney +. Furthermore an Obi Wan Kenobi series starring Ewan McGregor will also be home on the platform.

Other Disney + shows, include numerous other Star Wars series like The Mandalorian a seventh season of The Clone Wars; shows focused on popular Marvel characters Hawkeye, Falcon / the Winter Solider, and Loki. It doesn’t stop there either as there will be streaming exclusivity for other high profile films such as Frozen 2 and a live action The Little Mermaid.

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