Doug Ford: Please Stay At Home!

Doug Ford Ontario’s Premier (A Premier is basically the head of government for some countries and states, similar to the Prime Minister, but for a state) has thanked his fellow Ontarians for staying at home. Whilst also urging the people of Canada and Ontario to continue to stay at home. He does so in a video message to the state by asking people to stay at home in various different languages.

In this new video he speaks in lots of different languages such including sign language, Dutch, Serbian, Somali and Hebrew.

It was a follow up video message from January 21st where Doug Ford urged his fellow Ontarians to stay at home. Repeating the message in a number of different languages from Italian, Russian, Turkish and Mandarin, to name but a few.

Doug Ford had issued a stay-at-home order for the province from January 14th which remains in effect for at least 28 days. Ford had also issued a second state of emergency on January 12th.

(CTV News)

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