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Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch Version!

Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch Version: What’s it like?!

Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch and it is very much different to the regular Fifa that you can get on the home consoles today! For one, in our experiences that it plays a lot more like an arcade game than a simulation. But is it any fun?

The answer to that question is yes! It still feels a lot like a Fifa game, even though it is not as serious as it’s home console counterparts. There are some clear differences between the two versions which we will list below:

  • No Online play with friends: As Nintendo Switch has no party/invite system built into the console itself (Mario Kart has one in built to the game using friend codes) there is no ability to play online against friends.
  • The controls are a little fiddly when played against a friend as the controllers are so small.
  • The graphics engine is different to the home console version, but it still looks very good!
  • There is ultimate team on the Nintendo Switch version but it’s missing key features like Squad Building challenges.


Despite it’s lack of features the Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch version still has a lot to offer and if you’re playing just a 1 on 1 match against the computer or online. It is a lot of fun. However if you’re looking for a bit of depth then this game isn’t for you. Fifa 18 is built for the Nintendo Switch. By that we mean, it’s built for a quick match here and there when you’re out and about. Load up a quick game of Fifa and be on your way. That’s the way we see it anyway. Short, quick and fun, much like the Nintendo Switch itself!


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