Another school night and another event, tonight we hit Shoreditch for friends of mine the Fnatic family. Fnatic the leaders of eSports have a launch event to celebrate their 15th Birthday and show off their updated studio, after closure of their Bunkr store last year. 25th July was the HOTTEST day of the year so I made sure I had my shorts on. 


The night was HOT, I started with my favourite thing slush puppy cocktails and Koren BBQ chicken, which are always the way to my heart. The Fnatic team

Put together an incredible night, I was able to check out their new streaming and studio space. It was extremely impressive and a massive jump from their initial set up in the bunkr, every corner gave off the signature orange Glow, with 3 sweats for their Fnatic esports teams as well as a cool, space for content creators and meetings.

Once I had my little tech demo, it was party time and Fnatic know how to throw a PARTY, music blazing, which had even the few reserved gaming industry folk dancing away. Fnatic Bday party was networking dream with members from the eSports community, Warner Bros, IGN, Capcom and MTV to name a few.

Ending the Night with Fnatic

I ended the night taking part in the escape room with Jasmine Asia and King Jae and friends. The mission was to put a series of clues together to find Fnatic strategy plans book and although we didn’t get the winners score, we got in time. 

Overall had a great night and super impressed with Fnatic space! It gave gamers another avenue to both promote themselves and I’ll definitely be their. 

Mr Midas signing out 

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