Ortis Deley returned to the show recently and spoke to Marcus about an all manner of things tech and gadets, but, he also spoke to us about Glassmates! A brand new experience from Ortis himself and a couple of his friends Nigel and Jimmy.
With Glassmates you’re asked to experience an exploratory journey through alcohol! The Glassmates (Ortis, Nigel and Jimmy) seek to show people a better way to enjoy drink, regardless of their budget! The main aim is to simply improve the drinking experience for you, the consumer. For example, if you decide that you wish to drink a rum and coke. The Glassmates will guide you how to make the best rum and coke you can. Consequently the best rum to go with what mixer and even explain as to why no mixer may also be a good choice.
The Glassmates have a brand new experience that is coming soon that they wish to let you all know about! It’s called:

The Whiskey Experience

Throughout the day the Glassmates are hosting Whiskey Tasting Sessions. Each Glassmate is championing two whiskies to get your vote as the BEST whisky available! So you guessed it, you get the chance to test (and taste) SIX different whiskies! Furthermore each of the Glassmates will guide you through the tastes and nuances of their own whiskey.
Consequently at the end, if you’re still feeling thirsty, you can ask the bartender to make you your favourite whiskey cocktail from the experience.
You can buy your WHISKEY EXPERIENCE tickets online here

Flight Challenge

Much like the Whiskey Experience, each of the Glassmates have created a spirit based cocktail which again you’ll be able to taste and buy. Yet on this challenge each of the tastee’s will be given a voting card to vote for their favourite cocktail.

Find out more about the different types of Cocktails available to you here!

Listen to the guys chatting about this on the show by clicking here!

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