Hitman 3

Hitman is back! The assassination franchise that everyone loves is making it’s way to the next gen in Hitman 3. However, it’s still available for the previous generation of consoles. So, the bald barcoded hitman, Agent 47, can still be enjoyed by those not upgrading their consoles just yet.

Hitman 3 is the conclusion in the long running ‘World of Assassination’ trilogy. You play as Agent 47 and this time his contracts are the most important that he’s ever had. As always with Hitman games, you’ll be completing assassinations across a wide variety of levels and locations. Each one is exotic and very very detailed. Each with their own creative opportunities to take out your target. Which not only are fun to discover but also gives plenty of replayability. Furthermore it makes it so not each game is the same! Your gameplay will be different to your friends, which is different to their friends and so on and so forth.

Furthermore, Hitman 3 allows you to play in ALL of the previous locations from the previous games. All locations from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 can be imported and played within Hitman 3 at NO additional cost! Furthermore, progression from Hitman 2 is directly carried over into Hitman 3!

Did we mention you can play it in VR too?

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