Jingle Radio Station – JingleMad Radio!

Do you love jinlges on the radio? Do you find yourself singing jingles all day long? Well we have found the radio station for you. It’s called JingleMad Radio and it’s a radio station that plays jingles all day long!

Thanks to the co-operation and permission of the biggest jingle companies in the world, JingleMad Radio plays jingles literally all day long.

If you want to know just how many jingles are played, we’re gonna tell ya, it’s more than you think! They play 66 jingles in a row every hour!

JingleMad Radio don’t have presenters and programmes and operate like a rolling news service with the same format each hour.

What a Jingle looks like

The top of the hour will play a news jingle, sponsor jingle and top of the hour ident followed by 66 jingles in a row. All created randomly by JingleMad JingleMix.

A typical hour on JingleMad Radio looks like this:

  • :00 Single Jingle News with Stuart Clarkson
  • :01 Top of hour jingle
  • :02 JingleMad JingleMix – 66 jingles in a row
  • :17 Demonstration time – jingle demo
  • :30 Another 66 jingles in a row
  • :45 JingleMad jingle montages – user created montages
  • :59 News intro

(JingleMad Radio)

Questions for you….

  • Do you love jingles?
  • What’s your favourite jingles?
  • What makes a good jingles?
  • How would you make good jingles?
  • Do you know many jingles from now or when you were younger?
  • Could you listen to 66 jingles in a row?

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