Mail ordered models

Mail ordered models for Christmas parties?

Apparently large companies and small companies a like are contracting modeling agencies to add some spice to their office parties. Mail ordered models (female and male) if you will.

While the aim of this is to allegedly make the party not be so poor no one turns up.

Consequently, Cre8 Agency are reporting that they’re sending 25 women and 5 men to a San Fran gaming companies christmas party ($200 an hour! So they’re not cheap!)

The Mail ordered models are no joke! Companies that Cre8 work with are said to handpick models and ask them to sign NDA’s. Ask them to share names of employees to pretend their friends with them. So the lie isn’t easily guessed!

Popular Mail ordered models?

Cre8 are booking gigs in record numbers highlighting that Mail ordered models are hugely popular! With one of their agents said to be one of the largest search engines in the world. That’s totally not Google.

Pot belleyed Gary from accounting friends with a hot blonde from Venice Beach. Who are we to judge?

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