The Mundane Millionaire

You could soon become a mundane millionaire! What’s a mundane millionaire I hear you ask? I know it seems crazy. But hear us out.

So, according to new research you could earn at least £2.2million just by filming every day activities and uploading them to YouTube.

So far 6.5Million people have watched a video on how to make a cup of tea. Even brushing your teeth could make you almost £3,500!

It has been said that YouTube pays users an average of £3.18 per 1,000 views.

While if you break that down that’s 0.0032p per view for ads shown before videos. With a new £13 per 1,000 view ad rate is taken into account, channels could earn up to £3.7M for filming their day.

Upload mundane activities such as washing your face, eating your breakfast or feeding your pet. Could earn you up to £2,247,842 in ad revenue.

Furthermore tasks such as using the toilet and sending en email have racked up 11,746,923 views combined.

YouTube pays users £3.18 for every 1,000 views but adverts have to be watched in full.

While an average of 59% of users skip the ads. Making the earnings drop to £921,615 per day. Which is 30x the average annual UK salary. (£30,420)

The chart below breaks down mundane activities and shows the potential earnings based on each ad revenue:

“How To Get Dressed” – which you could argue has a cynical reasoning behind it’s high performance.

Still highlights that channels are making a substantial amount of income from filming every day activities and putting ads on them.


Those with children could earn even more money. While £1M from every day activities is a lot, channels can earn an extra £190,000 through filming reading bedtime stories or putting them the kids to bed.

While many Brits are working from home at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of them could earn some extra income. Such as £2,237,659 from filming their morning routine. With £6,047 coming from washing hands.

In January 2020, it was announced that YouTube monetisation rates rose to an average of £13 per 1,000 ad views. While taking into account the 59% drop off rate. It could earn people a staggering £3,744,061.


Average UK salary used is £30,420 as posited by the Office For National Statistics.

The potential earnings were calculated based on the most-viewed and relevant video from the top five search results, with each query beginning with ‘how to [mundane activity]’.


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