Netflix ads

Netflix Promos (Ads?)

So Netflix Ads may be on their way! It seems that way anyway. For a while now Netflix have been playing trailers before and after some of their content. While some of these can be deemed promos, some of us may call them ads. Yet, those trailers have been skippable. While Gizmodo are reporting that they don’t show up that often. They’re reporting that if the latest round of testing gets approved the ads are going to be more noticeable.

Reports on Reddit are claiming that Netflix are indeed testing a new way of delivering ads to viewers. For example short trailers for Netflix Originals being shown between episodes. Are these Netflix ads or are they promos? It may be a bit harsh to call them ads. While we can see the benefit behind them. What’s better than seeing more top quality content that we wouldn’t have known existed otherwise?


Netflix confirmed the testing phase to Ars Technica:

“We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster.”

However, despite this Reddit users are claiming that the ads cannot be skipped. Netflix denied these claims and confirmed that they are entirely skippable. While the streaming giant also stressed that the ads are only for Netflix content and won’t open up third party ads. Makes sense seeing that Netflix is the place that people go to to get away from traditional content. Would be bad business if Netflix were to advertise things other than their own content.

Furthermore it’s not entirely clear how many people are seeing these ads, nor how long it will last, or if it will see the light of day for the rest of us. It does seem how much people engage with the ads to whether or not they get implemented. Therefore the more people clicking on these Netflix ads, the more likely it will be rolled out officially.

If you do see the ads, or if you don’t want to be apart of any new testing features that Netflix rolls out. You can opt out by heading over to this page.


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