Netflix Shuffle

The Netflix Shuffle! Netflix have seemingly looked to introduce a ‘shuffle’ button that’ll queue up a TV episode completely at random. This new feature will be particularly helpful for those that spend hours at a time looking for something to watch. Rather than actually watching something. So, the option is only available on a few TV shows and is available via a ‘Random Episode’ button.

However it is only noticed by a few users and according to the New York Post it is currently in the ‘second round of testing’ after it was first trialled last year. Furthermore it is only available on Android and Amazon Fire TV versions of the Netflix app. The streaming giant is said to be gathering feedback on the feature and will then decide if it will be made available to the rest of us.

It seems to be getting great feedback online however!

This new feature follows one of Netflix’s most annoying features. Finally allowing people to remove movies/TV shows from the ‘Continue Watching” Row!

You can now click on the title card and the option to ‘Remove From Row’ should appear at the bottom!



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