Resident Evil 3 Remake Review – Is it worth an hour?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review: Is it worth an hour?

This is our Resident Evil 3 Remake Review. Is it worth an hour of your time?The survival horror game is back 14 months after the incredible Resident Evil 2 Remake was released, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been remade. Titled Simply Resident Evil 3.

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Saturday, 4 April 2020

Resident Evil is back 14 months after the incredible Resident Evil 2 Remake was released, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been remade. Titled Simply Resident Evil 3. This is our Resident Evil 3 Remake Review. Is it worth an hour of your time?


The game is set in the same universe as Resident Evil 2, set in the American Midwest in a place called Raccoon City, the city is over run by a biological threat. The T-Virus. However Resident Evil 3 illustrates the outbreak and conclusion of the incident.

You take control of Jill Valentine a member of a specialist squad of the police force known as STARS. STARS are tasked of investigating a pharmaceutical company called Umbrella. They’ve determined that the T-Virus is a biological weapon and Umbrella are behind it all. Losing several team members in the process.

It is up to Jill and other remaining members of STARS to get this truth out in to the world. Though the police department are found to be under Umbrella’s sway. Making this task almost impossible.  Especially since she is constantly chased by a monster zombie which has been dispatched to stop her, called the Nemesis T-Type.

Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror which will have you constantly in fear and relentlessly chased by the undead horde. The city is in ruins and there’s chaos everywhere.

But is it worth an hour of your time? Sit back and read/watch the Resident Evil 3 Remake review!

Well sit back, grab some popcorn and find out our thoughts on the latest Zombie game from Capcom.

Like a Movie

I’d like to firstly say that this game is just like a movie. The pacing of the story is great, the mix between gameplay and cutscenes is seamless, you really get a feel and relationship with Jill and Carlos.

From the very start you know you’re in a terrible, apocalyptic like pandemic. You can feel the urgency in the air, you can feel the unease. You are thrust straight into he action. Which is what Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was all about. It’s very much apparent in the remake. Action Action Action.

Which brings me on to horror.




This game makes you feel always on edge. Especially if you play in 5.1 surround sound. You hear everything, from a window being smashed to a bin being knocked over. You’ll find yourself looking over your shoulder in real life.

You’ll hear creepy knocks and creaks…then all of a sudden it goes quiet for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes something happens. Sometimes, nothing happens. That’s how tense this game is.

The music plays a major role in this, as it will just come into play, which makes you realise something is about to happen, you know something is around the corner but you just don’t want to go around. You have to though!

That’s the sign of an immersive game.

The REAL horror comes not from the Zombies themselves as they’re not overly scary. But the fright. The not knowing what’s going to happen next. Then BOOM. Something happens and you’ve gone from 0-100 real quick.

So PAY ATTENTION and don’t take your eyes off the ball because there will be JUMP scares. Even when you least expect it.


The zombies aren’t overly scary but they look for lack of a better term. “Real”

They are however persistent and will stop at nothing to get you. Even when you think you have killed them you haven’t.

There was often times where I thought I had cleared a room, to then be pounced upon by a Zombie I thought I had eliminated. Remember to make sure you kill them. Give them an extra shot or two. Won’t hurt. Remember the undead can’t really die.

That’s what I loved most about the Zombies, some of them are a real challenge to defeat.




The Puzzles are back and they are fantastic. We cannot give too much away as we want to leave an air of mystery around them, as it’s much more enjoyable to find things out on your own than to be told how to do things.

But whilst you are scavenging. A vital part of the game. You’ll find various notes which will give you clues on how to complete puzzles or find certain collectables that you need to advance in the game

Don’t go flicking through the pages and not reading them. You HAVE to read them if you want to get anywhere fast in the game.

Don’t be the type to go back into the menu and re-read things that you should’ve read the first time around.

They’re there for a reason. They’re there to help you.

I loved this about Resident Evil 3. It gives it a much longer play time as for me anyway it made me want to explore the whole lot. I wanted to find out everything and get as much info about the area or level as I can.

Doing so allowed me to get added extras that made my life easier. So go scavenge at your heart’s content and make the game easier for yourself! Thank me later!

Overall Thoughts

Overall this game is fantastic and one that I can see myself coming back to again and again. Especially since I missed things in certain areas of the game that I wanted to go back and explore. There’s also Resident Evil Resistance to get your teeth stuck into. Various collectables to go back and collect. If you love Resident Evil you’ll enjoy this addition to the franchise. Pick it up. You won’t regret it. It’s definitely worth an hour of your time. More than hour in fact.

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