Star Wars In Numbers is a really cool interactive website that covers every single Star Wars films. That’s including the prequels and the up to date stand alone instalments. What’s cool about it is that they provide detailed stats on everything in the movies. We mean everything! Limbs lost, lightsaber ignitions, Wookiee sounds and Force uses. The data that the guys used are from the theatrical editions of each of the films. Furthermore they also looked at other sources such as the official film credits, The Star Wars Databank, IMDB and TIME. Star Wars In Numbers then compares them across 23 categories which produce some pretty detailed stats!


Some interesting data to look at is in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, there were the most limbs lost, most Jedi deaths and most droid models. Furthermore, Episode VII: The Force Awakens had the highest box office earnings of any Star Wars film to date. It also had the biggest profit and the longest opening credit crawl.

To nobodies surprise Anakin Skywalker is the deadliest character. He was responsible for the deaths of 3 Dark Side followers and 8 Jedi’s. He’s a pretty bad dude as that’s not all he’s been up to! He is also the strongest with the Force. He claimed 48/185 Force uses across each film. However, in a pretty cool stat in a story arc sense, Anakin’s once teacher and guardian Obi-Wan Kenobi is the most devout Jedi. Saying 6 varients of the iconic “May The Force Be With You Line’ while Emperor Palpatine references the Dark Side a staggering 12 times.

Everyone’s favourite side kick Chewbacca is a very iconic and important character in the Star Wars franchise, but don’t let the cuddly exterior fool you. He’s responsible for killing 4 named darkside follower. Which therefore makes him joint second in the deadliest character ranking. Right alongside Emperor Palpatine.

Star Wars In Numbers: Categories

A few fun facts for you across all of the films there are:

  • 260 Aliens
  • 118 Droid Models
  • 184 Vehicles

If you found those interesting you’ll be interested in the full list of categories which are below:

  • Director
  • Worldwide box office
  • Gross adjusted for inflation
  • Profit
  • Duration of opening crawl
  • Jedi deaths
  • Named Dark Side followers killed
  • Planets/moons mentioned
  • Named female characters
  • Jumps to hyperspace
  • Wookiee sounds
  • Droids
  • Alien species
  • The Force uses
  • Lightsaber ignitions
  • Limbs lost
  • Force holds
  • Romances
  • Vehicles featured
  • “May the Force be with you” variants
  • References to the Dark Side
  • The Force theme

(Star Wars In Numbers)

We think that Star Wars In Numbers is a great little interactive website and we encourage you to take a look and have a play around. There are some pretty neat things to discover about everyone’s favourite franchise!

Check out their website here!

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