Tastecard: Self-Love Restaurant

Single on Valentines Day? Why not eat alone in front of a mirror? Tastecard have launched the UK’s first ‘self-love restaurant’ which features a mirror at each table so diners can enjoy a romantic meal by themselves. Well, in front of themselves.

The pop-up is based in London restaurant Two4One. It was created following a survey by Mintel. It was based on 2,000 UK Consumers that found 1 in 3 people are ‘regularly eating every meal alone’. While in London this figure will raise to almost half.

The diners club press states that “Dining solo on Valentine’s Day is still a taboo”. They suggeted reading material too! The happy defence of eating out alone. The press release states that Valentines Day infamously excludes singletons and that they want to ‘promote self love over anything else’

While the double entendres may suggest something else. Diners are promised mood boosting playlists, feel good soul food and mirrors which reflect motivational quotes to you.

However, you will be sitting with someone, in time for the last course the waiters will release the mirrors to reveal you’ve been eating alongside someone the whole time. You get the option to split the bill and claim a 2 for one deal.

“People need to remember the importance of loving yourself and despite numerous restaurants that are great for solo dining, no restaurant experience has been designed with [this] function,” Matt Turner, founder of Tastecard.

Others weren’t on board with Tastecard’s initiative

However Nicola Slawson, who runs the The Single Supplement newsletter,wasn’t impressed:

“My initial reaction was that it’s patronising and irritating and that people really need to stop assuming that single people don’t love themselves.

I’m sick of that narrative. What would make it easier to dine alone is if the restaurant staff could hide their shock and not make it so awkward.”

All money raised will be going to the charity, Mary’s Meals, which provides hungry children with a meal every school day.

“But I still don’t think I would love myself more if I was forced to sit in front of a mirror and see exactly what my face looks like when I eat…..In fact, It might have quite the opposite effect.”


Two4One Restaurant is at 46 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP – tickets are available on Eventbrite.


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