Award Winning Podcast

“Best Interview” category  at the British Podcast Awards 2020

How To Kill An Hour came away with an accolade at this years British Podcast Awards and we are so happy! As a true indie, just getting nominated alongside audio produced by the BBC, Spotify and Amazon was a very big deal for us. So to take home a win is something we’re very very proud of.

Navigating the medium of podcasts as an independent, black owned production has been something that we have discussed on and off air here at HTKAH. It’s been challenging in many ways, which we won’t dwell on in this post..but it makes win this even sweeter!

Some thanks (in no particular order) to presenters Nick Bright, Dev, Funk Butcher, DJ Ace and Producer Bill, we could not have asked for a better team of talent…

If you haven’t already…check out the now “Award Winning” show here!