Stupid ways we break our phones

4 Stupid ways we break our phones

4 stupid ways we break our phones!

As most of you are reading this are more than likely tech lovers, we’d say that it’s also a betting mans guess that you have owned a smartphone in the past, or currently. According to a survey by Switched On Insurance there’s a staggering amount of us Brits that manage to break their smartphones. (Luckily I’m not one of them!) Our phones aren’t even safe within our own homes and we’re all to blame.  Check out the crazy list below of the 4 stupid ways we break our phones. Expensive ones at that.

Children Dropping Them.

If you ever let your child or a nephew hold your phone, you better have a real good screen cover and case on it. Stats from Switched On reveal that 28% of British parents have had their child drop and break their smartphone. Furthermore, the little devils dont just break phones! An incredible 62% of British parents surveyed have had their child drop another expensive gadget in the home. The gadgets listed were things such as laptops tablets and cameras!

Pets Chewing Them.

An amazing 20% of Britons have had their chew on their gadget and damage it. So maybe it’s time for those included in that 20% to purchase a chew toy for their pets. It’s a pretty expensive bill to keep replacing your precious gadgets! What we’d like to know is how the pets got ahold of them? Plus how long was it before the owners found their pets having an electronic meal and how much damage was caused!

Loo Droppage

Admit it we all like to have a nose at our phones while going to the toilet. Be that whilst doing a number 1 or a two, for males or females. But we’d hazard a guess that a fair amount of you reading this are guilty of dropping your phone in the bog. 18% so still quite low on the stupid phone damage scale, but still pretty popular. Whilst a lot of them survive this horror fall, 10% of all phones dropped are gone for good. Most prolific of taking their phones for a swim in the bog? 18-34 year olds. 34% of the 18% of us that’s accounted for. The most conservative bog swimmers? The over 55 with just 5%.


Roof droppers

This one we think is a bit silly, but we can see how the mistake can be made. 10% of Brits surveyed have left their phone on the roof of their car and driven off. The most common of these errors? Males, with 13% of them and just 5% of females making this ridiculous mistake. Why are your phones on the roof of the car in the first place? Don’t you do the old pat down ‘keys, phone, wallet’ once in the car? Before you go anywhere? Place your phone in the glove compartment or in the cubby hole under the controls? What monster leaves their phone in their pocket when they drive?!

So, that’s 4 stupid ways we break our phones, let us know how you’ve damaged your phone by getting in touch via our socials! @howtokillanhour

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