ALTA PRO 2+ 263AB100

The best tripod: ALTA PRO 2+ 263AB100?!

ALTA PRO 2+ 263AB100 – One of the best tripods around?

We’ve been using the ALTA PRO 2+ 263AB100 for some time now and we think that it is one of the best tripods that we have used!

Vanguard have created a strong and sturdy tripod that won’t fall over when you’re using it! Nor will it’s legs snap off! You can feel confident putting your pride and joy atop of this wonderful tripod! (As long as it weighs less than 7KG as that’s the load limit of the Alta Pro 2 +) The tripod doesn’t just feel wonderful to hold and use, it looks incredible too! Presented in a stunning anthracite grey, you will stand out amongst the crowd.


The Alta Pro 2+ has a middle column, which does a lot more than just raise the height of the tripod! This nifty little feature has a multiangle feature, as well as the ability to fold 180 degrees sideways, (which helps us to get the birds eye view for our YouTube Channel!) perfect for getting into tight angles or wide shots! The legs also are able to spread incredibly wide and still remain sturdy and steady. Perfect for getting just the right shot!

What we like is the fact that this tripod is not only easy to set up, but the fact that it can move from a normal tripod setup to a landscape (all the way lowered and almost flat) setup in a really quick time! Less than a minute we were able to do it in!

Make sure you pick the “2+” and not the “2” as the “2+” has the multi angle middle strut!

Check out the gallery below to see photos of the Alta Pro 2+ in action!

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