Amazon Fresh Now Open In Ealing

Amazon have launched their Amazon Fresh stores here in the UK now. With one opened up recently in Ealing!

So what is Amazon Fresh? Well it’s a convenience grocery store with Just Walk Out Technology. The shop sells loads of everyday essentials, local favourites and some seasonal items. They even offer ready to eat and ready to heat meals.

Amazon currently have 2 Amazon Fresh stores in the UK in Ealing and Wembley Park. They are the size of a regular convenience store, around 2,500 square feet.

How Does It Work?

You don’t even need to be an Amazon Prime member to shop in an Amazon Fresh store. You just need an Amazon account and the Amazon mobile shopping app. Once in the app, click on your account (the little person at the bottom) and then click Fresh Code. You’ll be given a QR code. Tap this and then scan it at the gates to enter the store. Then just put your phone away. Once you walk out the store you’ll be charged appropriately. No queues at the checkout. Just walk out it’s that easy.

It works by using computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. The tech will detect when products are taken and even put back on to the shelf. It will keep track of them in a virtual basket. They’ll email you your receipt when leaving the store.

You can scan your friends in too just scan your Fresh Code and let each person in first. Then you can go in last. Any items taken off the shelf by your friends or family who entered using your code will be charged to your Amazon account.

Amazon Fresh Food

Inside Amazon do their own brand of food called “by Amazon”. They sell all kinds of food such as in season fruit and veg and responsibly sourced British fresh meat. Freshly prepared sandwiches and meals, fresh baked bread and hot food! Served daily too!

There are people that work in the shop too, they’ll help you shop if you need it, will be preparing food and handling quality checks and replenishing products.


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