Boosted 105’s – PHAT Wheels

Boosted Board have dropped some bigger wheels! The Boosted 105’s.

Firstly, they want to make transportation fun, fast and simple. The Boosted 105’s are designed to allow riders to ride with confidence. These new wheels will bring a smooth ride, the 105’s are a great size and are very soft too! Bringing with it a very smooth ride!

With the Boosted 105’s you are free to cruise the streets of your city with confidence. As you are able to cruise all over the cracks and bumps in the road with no problem at all! Therefore, just focus on the road and and enjoy the ride ahead!

They’re uniquely designed and Boosted’s engineers have spent hours testing geometries, experimenting with grips and optimizing shock absorption. The result of all that hard work is the Boosted 105’s! Extra soft wheels means extra grippy! The 72a durometer urethane delivers a comfortable ride, giving you extra cushion but firm enough to remain durable for thousands of miles. While the rounded edge of the side walls enhance the smoothness of the ride. There’s less chipping and easier curb climbing. Furthermore the larger wheel to gear ratio will give the Boosted Board a higher top speed! However, in exchange for a higher top speed, acceleration and braking performance is ride feel. So therefore riders will have to make adjustments as the stopping distance will be greater!

The Boosted 105’s are 30% larger than standard wheels and smooth out the terrain. As they feature something called a custom urethane pouring process, which form 12 hollow pockets on the inside surface of each wheel. These pockets give extra space, which allows the soft urethane to flex and compress with the bumps and contours of the road. While not only making the ride smooth but maintaining contact with even the roughest of roads.


So, purchase the Boosted 105’s here!

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