In what seems to be another program/OS adopting the beautiful dark mode phenomenon. Let’s be honest it does look GOOD! Apparently there will be a Google Chrome Dark Mode!

According to 9to5Google reports there will be a dark mode for everyone’s favourite browser. Allegedly macOS and Windows10 will get this feature and is currently in the testing phase in the Canary development builds of the latest build of Chrome. Furthermore the dark mode is said to be enabled by default, as part of your system settings on either OS. Though this is not entirely clear, with the Verge reporting that on some of thier builds it respected the dark mode on the system and others it did not. (Click the featured image above to get a good view of it!)

This new dark mode looks glorious and enables a dark default page for brand new tabs, introduces darker chrome borders and context menus. According to the Verge, the dark mode version of Chrome is said to be rolled out in April. We shall soon see! However, we for one are very excited!

(The Verge)

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