Espresso Displays

We recently got to have a go on a really cool piece of tech that allows your Mac to become TOUCHSCREEN! It is just as amazing as it sounds. It’s from a company called Espresso! It’s an award winning portable monitor from the consumer electronics upstart. While their display product line, is a series of ultra-thin monitors to give users more real estate, Espresso Displays!

Espresso Displays are available for £249 and is a real premium touchscreen monitor. So, the design is made of high quality aluminium and makes life much easier for those working away from their desk. Not only do you benefit from a dual display you also benefit from a touch screen! At 5.4mm thickness it is also a really thin monitor. Furthemore, making it a go-to ultra portable solution for those looking to work on the go.  Also it can connect with just a single cable!

“2020 has accelerated the need for products that improve productivity anywhere, not just in the office. We focused on designing a display that is portable enough to be taken anywhere but does not compromise on functionality.”

“We’re designing a way for people to take the best parts about their office with them, to wherever they want. Previously that would be travelling, more recently it is having more flexibility in various locations around the house.” Will Scuderi, Co-Founder of espresso 


Screen size

15.6” and 13.3”


900g (15.6”) and 700g (13.3”)


Anodised Aluminium and a dual layer glass for touch equals reduces thickness, superior colour range, and smoother touch experience


300 nits


PC | Mac | Android 6.0+ | Chrome OS | Linux


Touch for PC, Mac (customisable with gestures, requires driver installation), Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer

Connector cable


Colour range

16.7M | 99% sRGB Colour Range



Available accessories

Case/Stand | Magnetic folding mount enabling portrait/landscape device orientation | Magnetic mount allowing display to ‘snap on’ to a VESA arm |  Active Stylus | Screen Protectors | Backpack | Folio

Reverse Power Passthrough

Allowing an external power source to both power the Display and charge the Displays ‘host device’ for sustained use on-the-go

“Our early customers range from people with hearing impairments, looking for a way to show voice-to-text on a screen larger than their mobile phone, to engineers, designers, data scientists and even various music producers.”

“A versatile product like ours has many applications, being compatible with various laptops, phones, consoles and other devices. We’re excited to be creating products that provide more flexibility with how and where users can comfortably work from. Being without multiple screens becomes frustrating very quickly for many tasks in today’s digital workforce.” Scott McKeon, Co-Founder of espresso

So, Purchase an Espresso Display here!

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