Extreme Cheapskates: Testicle Donations

The video above is from an episode of Extreme Cheapskates. It is said that people’s loose change tantamounts to millions of dollars each year. This extreme cheapskate hunts down dimes, nickels and pennies all of Las Vegas to gain a few extra cash every day.

Mark is a cheapskate. There’s no other word for it. When a dog chewed up his shoes, instead of buying a new pair, he took a marker and coloured in the damaged tongue of his shoes. He buys his shoes from the shoe repair store too, however, we don’t see too much wrong with that.

Mark even keeps his grocery bills at under $60 a MONTH! He disregards expiration dates on food as well! Spending no more than a dollar on a single item. Frugal to say the least!

Mark even, now this is cheeky, asks people at the laundromat if he can put HIS CLOTHES in the washer/dryer with other people’s clothes. Oh Mark! Extreme Cheapskate indeed!

He does like a gamble, but in true Extreme Cheapskate fashion, it’s not with his own money. He’ll use money that he finds around town on the floors of Las Vegas. However at the casino he’ll get drinks for free. Which in a bar would cost $12. I can see his point there I guess. Win Win. Doesn’t spend a dime. Could win loads of cash and get’s free booze. I’ll give you that one Mark.

Extreme Cheapskates: Medical Studies

However, Mark, in an attempt to save or rather earn some money, has over the years volunteered in over 100 medical studies.

The riskier the trials the more money he gets paid. He also keeps the scrubs.

One medical trial that caught marks eye was to Donate a testical for $35,000. WHAT? $35K for one ball?! Where do sign up?!

Maybe being an extreme cheapskate isn’t so bad afterall.

As Mark has signed up for so many trials he gets free check ups each month to see if he is a good candidate for each study.

The doctor wasn’t too pleased when he heard Mark’s reasoning for giving up a ball though.

Losing a ball however, leads to Mark growing even more of the ‘Man Boobs’ as the doctor called them.

Ultimately, the doc put an end to Mark’s dreams of losing a ball. However he did get given the go ahead for testosterone replacement trials, which pays $520 per month.

Which pays for his rent and car payment each month.

You see may be Mark has a point here……maybe.


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