Lockdown has lead to many of us having to work out from home and for some of us it’s ok and for some of us that can lead to problems. Not enough space or living in flat can lead to problems with people living downstairs. You can’t always work out as much as you can.

Virtual Workout: FitXR

Well virtual reality is here to save the day. FitXR is the new virtual reality workout studio. You can box and dance to adrenaline pumping music with more workouts that are always on the way. FitXR also allows you to workout in a group of people, virually of course! There’s also leaderboards, motivating music and personalised advice!

The classes on the FitXR were designed by top professionals to help increase energy levels, burn calories and improve your strength. Plus as there is always classes added you’ll never really have to do the same class twice! You can do boxing classes as well as dance classes!
Workout using a VR headset and make working out fun and sage! You’ll be dancing your way through many different workouts in no time at all!

FitXR Game Workout

As it’s game like FitXR is designed to become somewhat of a positive habit, which we all love after all! We’re improving our health, having fun and working up a sweat all at the same time! It honestly feels like a game that you won’t want to end! Who said working out is a slog!? Plus you get to workout to an expertly curated playlist which features the music genre of your choice, so you won’t get bored either!
It is designed for everyone too, classes range from 3 to 25mins and from low to high intensity. Classes are designed to give you a full body workout. Pick a class to suit your goal mood or time spare. Filter your classes by length, music, instructor and intensity as well.


You are given real time feedback from voice commentary from top fitness instructors to guide and motivate you on your workout. You can push yourself with real time metrics which include best explosive streak average punch speed and calories burned. Always pushing you to go further in your workout! Better yet, get a performance summary after each class and a weekly in depth analysis of how you performed. As you progress and play you will receive class recommendations and fitness tips based on your progress to help you achieve your goals.

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