Ford Nugget

This is the new Ford Transit Custom Nugget, otherwise known as the Ford Nugget! On first glance it looks like any regular old Ford Transit van, but oh no, it is much more than that! It’s a massive camper van and it can fit MUCH more than you think inside of it. There is TONS of space inside and there is two levels, yes TWO levels! Plus as with most (99.9%) of things here on How To Kill An Hour it is packed full of tech.

Ford Nugget

The Ford Nugget is a brand new Transit Custom Nugget camper van and acts like your home away from home. So you can either explore new places or rediscovering old get aways, the Ford Nugget is here to get you there safely, in comfort and in style. The Ford Nugget really is a next level camper van and is seriously impressive!

You are able to fit in two separate double beds, fold flat rear seating and additional bed space on the upper level. LOADS of space! Furthermore that’s not all as there is reversible front seats, a fold out dining table, fully functioning sink, 40L Fridge, gas stove and a 12V power supply. Better yet there is on board WiFi for up to 10 connected devices! No one will ever be bored on the Ford Nugget!

Sleeping Area

There is a tilt roof on the Ford Nugget means that there will be plenty of room when sleeping in the high level double bed. The hinged roof can be lowered to make the camper van compact and agile on the road. While it can be raised to maximise space when parked.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

A fully equipped kitchen is at the rear of the Ford Nugget and will provide you with plenty of space for cooking and storing cans, bottles and packets of food. Inside this area is a dual burner gas hob, sink and tap. So basically a fully fledged kitchen with all the space required to make a meal! While the hob is powered by gas canisters by up to 2.8kg. Whilst replacing canisters couldn’t be easier, so you’ll always be able to cook your favourite meals!

Power and Water

There are external 230v -240v recharging points enabling you to recharge your power supply when near a mains socket. Furthermore there is an external connector to allow you to refill your water tank. So you’ll never be out of power or water, it’s so easy to replace!

Bicycle Rack

Like the good outdoors and like to go exploring? Well you can do it even easier and quicker with the optional bike rack. Allowing you to securely fasten your bikes at the rear of the camper van!


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