Recently Marcus was invited to BBC Radio London to friend of the podcast, Aurie Styla’s show #TheScene!

They discussed a lot of things such as The Switch, #NewPhoneWhoDis, The Rizen: Possession, and of course, How To Kill An Hour!

Many thanks to BBC Radio London for having us on! You can listen back by clicking here.

Don’t Forget about The Switch

The Switch is featured in a brand new podcast competition that is on the look out for the best upcoming podcasting talent. It’s called LaunchPod and Marcus’ podcast The Switch has been shortlisted. To win all you guys can do to help is to rate 5*, review and subscribe on iTunes. Plus you can also vote for The Switch on LaunchPod’s website here:

The Switch – Marcus Bronzy

Marcus’ podcast finds human stories in the world of technology, focusing on the people who are using tech to “switch things up” in the world we live in, and the way tech affects our everyday lives. Marcus is a TV, radio and podcast presenter and producer.


So, LaunchPod’s a super cool initiative which gives people the chance to create podcasts and share them with a much wider audience with Acast/WiseBuddahs help!

You can listen to Marcus’ BBC Radio London show with Aurie by clicking here!

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