Mobile phone MYTHS Brits believe the most


Mobile Phone myths, we’ve all heard of them but are they actually true? undertook a survey recently to find out just how many of them we believe.

  • A THIRD of Brits believe a mobile phone can reduce sperm count / fertility
  • 66% think a bag of rice will REVIVE a wet phone
  • 18% of people BELIEVE the 5G conspiracy theories (e.g. it will be especially susceptible to cyber-attacks)
  • A QUARTER of people have been told you can charge an iPhone in 20 seconds using a MICROWAVE OVEN


Battery Myths

87% of those surveyed by OnBuy believe that apps running in the background use up battery. While it’s worth noting that modern smartphones are optimized to run foreground tasks first. While the others will float harmlessly in the background.

Security Myths

75% of Brits believe that taking out the SIM card will keep you from being tracked. However, your phone can still be tracked if power remains in the battery. Regardless if there’s a SIM or not. Maybe it’s because it’s shown in movies it’s believed.

Mobile Phone Myths

31% of Brits believe that a mobile phone can reduce sperm count if kept in a trouser pocket. While this is simply not the case. Every quality mobile phone brand’s who provide products have to pass a Specific Absorption Rating (SAR) test. This test ensures your phone does not emit enough radiation to cause an issue.

However, the general myth Brits (66%) believe the most is that you can dry a wet phone in a bag of rice. Although we’re pretty sure that one works!


When asked about 5G  conspiracy theories (cyber-attacks/surveillance) those asked responded:

  • Yes18%
  • Undecided20%
  • No63%

Urban Myths

There are some Myths that Brits admit that they’ve heard but haven’t put them to the test! Check out the craziest ones below:

  • You can cook an egg by placing it between two mobile phones6%
  • Never use a mobile when there’s a lightning storm19%
  • You can charge an iPhone in 20 seconds using a microwave oven25%


The full list of Mobile Phone Myths are below:  

Do you believe…  
Apps running in the background use up battery  87%
A screen protector will stop your phone getting scratched  77%
Taking out your SIM card keeps you from being tracked  75%
More megapixels = better camera  66%
You can dry a wet phone in a bag of rice 66%
Phones interfere with hospitals and planes 43%
Overcharging a phone damages the battery  39%
Charging your phone overnight is bad for it  34%
You shouldn’t keep your phone in the same pocket as a credit card 31%
Having a phone near your private parts can reduce sperm count / fertility  31%
Incognito mode protects your privacy 30%
Smartphones give off dangerous radiation 29%
Mobile phone use near a petrol pump can cause an explosion 26%
You shouldn’t use your phone while it’s charging  24%
A bigger battery means longer battery life  21%
You should drain your battery completely before charging  18%
Free Wi-Fi is safe to use 5%


*methodology: to achieve the results sent out a survey to 3,446 British people. 50% of respondents that took part are male, 45% are female and 5% identify as “other.”

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