Netflix vs Disney

Netflix’s share price rose just a tad last week to make the 22year old company more valuable than Disney. While Disney has been around for almost a century. At it’s peak, Netflix’s market cap was close to touching $200BN! (data from Koyfin). Netflix Vs Disney is on!

However, those share prices have reversed slightly to see Disney retake it’s crown. Though, considering towards the end of 2019, Disney was worth almost 2x as much as Netflix. So it’s very surprising to see a shift in fortunes in a short space of time.

You could argue that it’s the coronavirus being the reason for this. Netflix recently announced that it had gained a massive 16M new subscribers over the last quarter. While Disney have had to close it’s parks and furlough thousands of workers. Even have had to push back film releases. Disney+ however seems to be doing well, even though it represents a tiny portion of Disney’s revenue’s and profits.

Netflix may come back on top, but that could all come down to how long lockdown is. Though, other platforms such as Quibi may want to take a piece of the pie….


Launching a brand new streaming platform whilst everyone is at home during a global pandemic may be a good thing. However, for Quibi, a content provider designed for people on the go, who want a 10 minute episode whilst on the commute, it may be different.

Quibi is short for “Quick Bites” and they raised $2BN from investors before even having a single user. Therefore making it one of the msot funded startups pre-launch of all time. They’re trying to break the mold and be different, original and unique. The ability to watch your phone in landscape or portrait certainly highlights that as the content will dynamically adjust depending on how you watch.

Global Stats

Based on data from JustWatch, for 66 countries Netflix is the market leader in 61 of them. While Prime Video has the lead in Germany, Austria and India. Furthermore BluTV is leading in Turkey and iQiyi in China. (Note Netflix is unavailable in China)


Netflix vs Disney – Quibi Enters the fold

Quibi debuted at number 4 in the app store. But has since plummeted to outside the top 100.

Their socials aren’t great either 190K on Instagram is great, but there’s an account about an egg that has 6.7M and charts get 196K. So considering the funding, you’d expect more followers.

However, there is some good news. The apps ratings are great! More than half of the 2500 ratings are 5 stars and there’s little 1 star ratings.

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