PicDrift: Bringing a new lease of life to photos!

PicDrift are an amazing company that do absolutely amazing things with photos. They bring a whole new look on what we believe photos to be and blends them with video to make truly amazing pieces of content. Blending together videos and pictures to make breathtaking pieces of art. It’s not a gif though! Far from it. The pieces of content that they make are high quality animations to bring your ideas and creations to life!

They cater to everyone too, videographers who want to breathe a new lease of life into their video projects. Wedding Photographers who want to bring something different to their work. Website designers who want to draw people into their content and make themselves stand out from the rest. PicDrift also create social media posts for yourselves or influencers who want to wow their followers.

Simply send them your photo(s) and they will do the rest. They can make animations from almost any still photo! They then build layers from your image(s) and create custom animations that can last from 5-20seconds long. Then it’s delivered to you in whatever format you wish. Be that if you want them to be ready for social media posts, any size web banner or broadcast quality videos for content as high as 4K video projects!

We think that they’re absolutely incredible and think that you’ll love them!

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