Pico Projector

Pocket Pico Wireless Projector

There is a super cool, super small projector from Kodak that we just HAVE to tell you about. It’s called the Pocket Pico Wireless Projector and it just works.

It’s got a simple plug and play feature as it works straight out of the box. No headaches! The Pocket Pico Wireless Projector, easily connects to any mobile device for seamless screen mirroring.

The device is incredibly small as it is a 2.1inch cube and weighs a very lightweight 6.1oz’s! The Pocket Pico Wireless projector emits a 100 lumins display at a 854 x 840 native resolution. It can display a 100 inch display from 8 feet away and a 56inch display from 5 feet away. The focus is even adjustable!

This little device even has a built in speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack! It has a HDMI input, microSD and USB inputs. Comes complete with a Tripod, Remote control, built in rechargeable battery and is PC/Mac Compatible.

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