Rode RodeCaster Pro Accessory Set

We have had the Rode RodeCaster Pro in the studio for a while now and absolutely love it, it has helped especially well during the pandemic too and haven’t put a foot wrong! Now, Rode have released a Rode RodeCaster Pro Accessory Set which is a great little set to help with your recordings.

The new accessories have been designed with portability in mind and helping to create better sounding podcasts on the go. The Rode Rodecaster Pro Accessory Set includes a DC-USB1 power cableSC9 TRRS to TRRS cableHJA-4 headphone adaptors, and XLR-ID cable identification rings.

These accessories compliment the RodeCaster Prom very well and compliment the multiple firmware updates to the Rode RodeCaster Pro’s more advanced updates

The Rode RodeCaster Pro Accessory Set is:


This is a handy power adapter for powering the Rode RodeCaster Pro on the move from any compatible usb output. Including a powerbank! While a high-power 2.4A min USB output is required for operation.


Want to connect your phone to the Rode RodeCaster Pro? You can easily do this with the SC9. It’s a high -quality 1.5m TRRS to TRRS cable. Which is allows for a reliable connection of smartphones to your device.


Moving on the HJA-4 is a pack of 4 high quality adapters for converting regular 3.5mm audio jacks to Rode’s RodeCaster Pro’s 1/4-inch headphone outputs.


THE XLR-ID is a simple, yes you guest it, ID ring which can be affixed to any XLR plug. Therefore making it easier to identify which XLR plug is connected to which mic! The coloured rings on the mic channels match the same input colurs on the RodeCaster Pro itself!


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