Shure MV7 Podcast Mic

Ever wanted to get into podcasting but didn’t know where to start? Thought you’d enjoy it and want to upgrade at a later date? Well look no further than Shure’s MV7. The baby brother of the SM7B. This has both an XLR input and a USB input. Therefore catering for both the beginner who just wants something to plug and play and for the more advanced user who would like a little bit of tinkering ability!

The MV7 has been inspired by the SM7B and takes some design features from it. You could say it actually is a baby SM7B as it just looks like exactly that a smalled SM7B. Though the Shure MV7 Podcast Mic can easily be connected via USB and you’ll be able to make tweaks there. Explore additional set up features and Auto Level Mode within the Shure MOTIV app. You can also adjust vocal tone and the distance that you are from the mic within the app. Auto Level Mode let’s the mic work for you, all you have to do is your magic! The level will be constantly adjusted by the mic to keep you sounding consistent.

Shure MV7 Podcast Mic Technology

As not everyone can have a studio treated room the MV7 has Voice Isolation Technology and is laser focused in giving you a professional recording. It will do its best to eliminate any background or room noise! You are even able to monitor the sound with the built in 3.5mm headphone jack. Adjust mic gain, headphone volume and monitor mix right on the mic using the built in touch panel. Furthermore if you have an audio interface the MV7 also has an XLR input! Choose Manual Mode if you are a little more audio savvy and adjust the Mic Gain, Monitor Mix, EQ, Limiter, Compressor and much more!

Pic your voice tone as either ‘dark’, ‘natural’ or ‘bright’ within the ShurePlus™ MOTIV app and get it sounding how you want it. Dark will give you a more radio sounding voice whist natural will raise some of the base and give you a more conversational voice tone. Furthermore you can tell the mic how far you are away from the mic and set it as near if you are a podcaster who likes to get close to the mic or far if you are a streamer. However you prefer, let the mic know!

Final Thoughts

The Shure MV7 Podcast Mic is a great little mic for podcasters seasoned and beginner. It’s also very good for the streamers of the world as for both instances it’s a simple case of plug and play. It doesn’t sound bad either, it’s a very clean recording and beats out some of the professional competition!


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